Yoga bird of paradise sanscrit name Svarga Dvijasana Hello and welcome to the Yoga and Pranayama section of my blog.

Did you know that I am also a yoga teacher?

I have been practicing yoga since the year 2000. When I first started yoga I had such incredible carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis in my wrists that I could not put my hands together in front of my heart into the prayer position. I was in my early 20’s then. Imagine how many surgeries I might have already had 16+ years later if I had not practiced yoga. Now, I have absolutely no issue with my wrists, I can do handstands and other arm balances no problem! How cool is it to become healthier each year.

It took 11 years of regular practice for me to decide to step into the role of a yoga teacher. But still to this take, and I hope forever, I am first and foremost a yoga student.

To answer the question everyone asks, no you do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. In fact, the less flexible you are the more you need to do yoga. And you do not need to be healthy to practice yoga either. Get your doctor’s OK and find a class and teacher that are right for you.

Here’s something I learned over the years, there is a right teacher for each student. It’s just a matter of finding that teacher. Go to as many classes as it takes to find your special someone. Once you find that teacher, you life will never be the same. Who knows, perhaps you will be inspired to teach yoga yourself and be that special someone for another yoga student.

From time to time I teach yoga, meditation and crystal healing at destination retreats, contact me for more info.

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