client experiences from Reiki and Energy Healing


help with anxietyI have had anxiety my entire life, it was such a part of my day- I didn't know what it is like to wake up without it. I had a healing with Dina. The very next morning, upon waking - I opened my eyes and did not have any anxiety.  It was so strange... waking up without that feeling of dread and anxiousness.  I have continued to feel better and better each day since the healing. It has been three months and I am still anxiety free. I recommend Dina's healing services to anyone that wants to feel better!

Elizabeth, Laguna Beach

When I first decided to go to a Healing session, to be super honest I was more curious, but didn't expect much. I tend to be a curious non believer until proven otherwise. So I went to Dina for some general healing work and the session took 2 hours during which I literally felt myself leave my body, felt my chakras ignite one by one, and most of all felt a tremendous relief afterwards. I am not sure how it works exactly, but i am absolutely sure that Dina has a gift. It is undeniable and very apparent from the work that she performed on me. After my first experience I went again and once again she channeled some truths through my ancestors that she had ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing. I was shocked, grateful and once again a sense of deep relief washed over me after Dina's work was done. I will surely go back. No doubt. I recommended her services to 3 of my friends and all of them had profound experiences. Dina is truly a gifted, kind, incredible human and healer.

N. Charlton, CC, TX

dayoffdishes releasinglimitationsI booked a private energy healing with Dina when I had physical symptoms showing up in my life that I wasn't able to resolve or receive medical explanations for. What an amazing journey! Dina creates a supportive and safe space to go deep within and release that which is no longer serving and in my case blocking. I'm grateful to have found her!




Nicole Strychaz, Laguna Niguel

I knew of your work coming into this, I had an idea of what you do and completely respected it, but I don't think I fully understood your work as a healer until my experiences this past month.

The past month has been so extremely difficult, and such a challenge I didn't realize how much inner work I needed. I think I subconsciously expected things to start falling into place right away after our first session, then I would frustrate myself when I didn't see any changes in my life or within myself.

Then I started learning to listen to my heart more instead of my head - which is the hardest part for me still! - I began to realize that you gave me the energy, the insight, and love to start healing myself.

I am understanding that your job is not to fix all of my problems. You validated the things I knew deep within myself, and you also brought to the surface things I need to work on or understand in a different light. I am so happy that my first session with a healer was with you, specifically.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sending you so much love and appreciation, and I am forever grateful for what you have done (and still doing) for me.

I know I will see you again in the future, but until then, I want to make you proud! I want you to know that I am making the most of your hard work and healing - I am working on myself every day, listening to God and the universe, and learning to be patient with my progress.

Ever since I bought my first Selenite lamp you recommended, I have brought home many more crystals into my life.

And a few days ago, for the first time ever, I FELT my first crystal! It was a magical, sacred experience for me! It only happened once and it doesn't happen every day, but I am learning that just like making friends, I have to take the time to get to know my crystals too.

I am letting the universe know that I would LOVE to take your crystal course next year! Haha

Thank you, again!

Julie, Anaheim, CA

I just wanted to give you an update! I felt pretty amazing after the last session, almost euphoric! I've been pretty happy, almost like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders. I was even able to be vulnerable to a male "friend" (friend for now) of mine. Something that I would not have been able to do before. I feel really great! Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much you have helped me!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Warmest Regards.

Ashley, Laguna Niguel

I find myself at a loss for the right words to describe all you have done for me. Although the feelings absolutely gush out when I think of the experiences we shared, words do not completely tell the story.

It began with my certainty that I needed help. In searching the web sites, I was immediately drawn to you, however not sure how to move forward. After listening to one of your guided meditations, I was convinced you were the right person for me! You made it very easy to make an appointment and meeting you the first time was completely relaxing and natural. Our first session left me full of wonder and totally amazed. I couldn't wait for more!

I recently had extensive surgery and the physical recovery went very well. I can't say the same for the emotional and mental state I found myself in. I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in my life, creating a constant state of fear and unbalance. I was on several prescription medications and hated every day. However after our first visit, I knew I was going to be fine, in time. It's possible that I hoped to recover quickly and wanted immediate resolution, yet I discovered it wasn't that simple and I would need to do my part. You had to guide me on that path and I trusted the process.

I continued our sessions for a few months and loved every visit. You cleared many blocks that I wasn't even aware of, but after each meeting, I noticed continual feelings of improvement. My stress level went down gradually and my use of prescription medications declined at the same time. I was fortunate to also lessen my allergy reactions (meds too) and my asthma is gone as well. The acid reflux is stopped and my sleep is back to normal. I have so many improvements to be thankful for! My life is finally my own again.

This is simply an overview of the entire path my life has taken since I met you. I am happy and full of joy every day, looking forward to finding more uplifting experiences through classes and meeting others with similar stories. Sharing helps so much!

I will be back again, I simply love you! You are gifted in a variety of areas and you instinctively know the best way to proceed. You are a true blessing to anyone you meet, whether they recognize it or not. Your patience, guidance, and various methods open up amazing opportunity for finding the best path to achieve any goal desired. I thank you and my family thanks you too!

Love and Joy,

Lynne Sayers, Laguna Niguel

KathyI have taken Reiki one and two from Dina. She is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher who is always there to answer any questions and offer guidance. I originally took her class for my own health concerns. However it has made such a huge difference in my life I decided to share this alternative healing modality. I am now a Reiki practitioner with several clients and I love knowing that I’m helping people!



Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA

mariaI had no knowledge of Reiki or any other type of Energy Healing until I met Dina.  When I received a first treatment I didn’t even know what to expect. I have a very busy mind and don’t get relaxed easily. To my great surprise the treatment put me in such a tranquil place that I almost fell asleep – (unheard of for me) and a first deep emotional ambience experience for me.  Later I found out that Dina also teaches and took subsequently Reiki 1 and 2 with her.


Another first was an unforgettable encounter of a physical feeling of universal energy flowing through me and unbeknownst presence of such in my body and my hands. If someone  is on the journey of learning about oneself or finding a wholesome healing modalities, I highly encourage to work with Dina as her abundance of knowledge and  intuitive abilities may be just what you needed to make that next step toward more spiritual and true ‘YOU’ you wanted to find for a long time.

Maria, Laguna Niguel, CA

Dina is a gifted spiritual guide and energy/Reiki healer… very wise and intuitive.  She was spot on with my chakra reading,  healing processes and her sage advice was very well received on all levels, health, emotional and spiritual.


JR, South Florida

I am a natural skeptic. When I had my first healing session with Dina I did not expect anything at all. But I came out a believer. Dina has a gift. She is intuitive and empathetic. I was able to open up to her and the session left me with tremendous clarity. I will  return to her to do more work.

A.E., Irvine

SusieSince taking your Reiki class I want to Reiki everything! I know that I have healing hands and now I have a way to use my hands to actually heal. After the class I came home and decided to start practicing Reiki. My cat, Annie Hall, is 18 years old and has kidney disease. She was standing on the bed and I put one hand on each side of her and said “Reiki on” and Annie just sat there quietly for two minutes. She was feeling something and she was calm. I am looking forward to taking Reiki 2 and learning even more. I absolutely loved it and it has been life changing.


Susie, Laguna Niguel

May Lynne Timeless Healings

shiyogaMy healing experience with Dina: After an inspiring yoga retreat I was drawn to continue my journey of healing and learning about myself.  I felt a connection to Dina who was also on the retreat and booked a healing session for when we returned.  I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous…after all I was opening up my heart, mind, body and soul to a woman I didn’t know and a process I wasn’t familiar with.  But something told me I could trust her, so I did.


When I arrived there was a welcoming sign on the door, which lead into her space. I know some people might feel intimidated by the thought of going to someone’s residence that they don’t know for something so intimate and personal, but that thought quickly leaves as soon as you enter.  Her space is warm, friendly, clean and inviting and it’s instantly clear that this is her life’s work, and her space reflects that.  You feel very quickly at ease in the space.


My energy healing session was incredibly profound.  I experienced many things that I did not know I could, and together we even accessed and cleared out long standing issues that I had unknowingly carried in my body since childhood.  Prior to working with Dina I already had an established yoga and meditation practice, and I thought I had “dealt with” a lot and was pretty open.  The level which Dina was able to take me to was so incredibly deep and I experienced and processed so much more that I could have possibly imagined. She helped me to release what no longer needed to be there and helped me to expand into the space that had been dormant and needed waking.   Since the session I have noticed a profound change.   There is a lingering peace, clarity and the ability to deliver my own message so much more authentically.  Natural synergies have been arising and I feel even more so that I am on the right path, and that undoubtedly Dina was and is an important guide on that path.   I will continue to work with Dina, and definitely feel confident recommending others to entrust in her their bodies and their hearts. She is a true natural healer.

Shilah Sarkissian, Laguna Beach, CA

Your page spoke to me more than other healers in the area. I knew that you would be the one to help me. I'm completely thrilled with our session and know I am going in the right direction. I am so grateful I found you.

Brian, Irvine

oksanaI took Reiki 1 classes with Dina and I must say it is one of the best things I have ever done!


Not only that the classes are held in the most serene, calming environment but Dina is such a wonderful teacher, I felt very comfortable and almost didn’t want for them to end.

There are so many things that have happened after my Reiki certification, little things that just amazed! I apply Reiki in my daily life and notice so many things shift and show me signs. I’m eager to learn more! Thank you!

Oksana Kamensky, Mission Viejo

olga solonin vita nova facials

olga solonin vita nova facialsMy boys and I love your meditation classes.  I took them to another meditation teacher and they said "it was OK but it was no Dina" 🙂  We will be back for more!!


My hypnotherapy session was AMAZING and POWERFUL.  I came home feeling happy, simple, energized, content with my life, at peace with things as they are … No inhaling of plants required … just air … THANK YOU, DINA!!!  I am going to listen to the recording every night!!!


Olga Solonin, Aliso Viejo

May Lynne Timeless Healings

May Lynne Timeless HealingsI would like to comment about Reiki and Yoga:


Reiki class was AWESOME!!  I was able to manifest so much abundance!  The week after the class I had 6 clients in one day.  The place where I love to work gave me more hours and also asked to cover for another person while she is on maternity leave.


Dina is so knowledgeable in yoga, she is able to give students a different pose/position to correspond with pain/injury they may be experiencing and ensuring throughout the class that no one is experiencing the wrong kind of pain.  In just a few weeks of yoga classes with Dina, I now have the ability to walk down steps normally, not one at a time and my pain has diminished greatly. It’s a big deal for someone with arthritic knees. I am so happy and grateful to Dina for her inspiration, knowledge and that she is my teacher!!

MayLynne Graves, Laguna Hills

I felt a deep relaxation at the Group Energy Healing with the meditation, singing bowls and chanting.  The group energy was a powerful experience.

I will and have recommended future sessions to my friends.

Alan, San Clemente

Loved a couple of your comments in the crystal workshop. The one that acknowledged that crystals were basically neutral and held a/o amplified the energy with which they were charged and that in some indigenous cultures they have used rock projectiles in a negative way….workers of black magic, so to speak. I am so glad that someone acknowledged that, so often people ignore that little piece and just try to make it all “love and light” and while we do want to focus on that and work with that energy, we also must realize that the other exists! Also thought it great that you emphasized the intention part of it all and that it’s not just sitting a big amethyst stalactite in your garden and expecting miracles to happen!  Many blessings to you on your path and in your work. Nice to have met you. Peace and joy your way!

K.K., Arizona


fightmasteryogaI’ve had the pleasure attending Dina’s Reiki 1 and 2 classes. I didn’t know if I “believed” in Reiki energy before the first class but during it, I did feel as if I was receiving energy as well as transferring it. Since taking the classes, I have noticed improvements in my own energy; and maybe it’s just coincidence but my professional career has been improving. I’m actually experiencing more abundance in all areas of my life. I still don’t know if I “believe” but Dina said it doesn’t matter because the energy flows whether I believe it or not (and I can believe that)! Dina is a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend her classes.

Lesley Fightmaster Dana Point

The Reiki session that Dina offers is a life-changing experience for me.  I really appreciate Dina explaining the history of Reiki and how it works.  I now practice it every day and have incorporated into my ways of living.  In the short period of time, I’ve already seen positive results.  Thank you Dina!

Tommy Le, Anaheim

DianaI do reiki like 20 times a day:). Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense but I keep repeating to myself “with ease and grace and the best and highest possible outcome for me”.  Some things come to me right away now.  What I like about Reiki the most is that it doesn’t tell me that I have to believe in it. But rather I can just turn it on, let it be and kind of know that I don’t have to worry because I am trying my best.  With interviews it is interesting. Last year with approximately the same amount of positions I didn’t get any interviews at all and I felt stuck.  I had a couple interviews in the weeks following Reiki 1 and got a new job offer, which I accepted. The the more I experiment with Reiki the more I see that universe knows where I am destined to be, so at this point I am kind of letting this happened. And I AM NOT scared of it.

Diana, Rancho Palos Verdes

energy healing reiki past lifeAs a person with a heavy dose of scientific background, Reiki Training was a way of expanding my general knowledge of the subject without having any expectation of it working. I have known Dina to be a kind, generous, knowledgeable, deeply connected person for 7 years and I absolutely trusted that her training will shed the light on Reiki teaching will equip me with solid understanding of principles and practices. I don’t think I fully believed in the power until things just all of the sudden started unraveling for me and it seemed just much more than coincidence.


After Reiki 1, my personal relationships began to sort themselves out and honestly, I only marveled at the speed and initially did assign it to just good fortune. However,when I have undergone Reiki 2 training and attunement, besides the actual powerful physical reaction that I got in the process, where I felt, literally felt energy rising and vibrating in my body, I also could not believe how quickly I started receiving things I asked for. Job, resolutions in personal life, calm, remote healing results the next day! It is unbelieveable honestly.


My mom has been ill for some time and she was going through depression when I implemented Reiki 2 technique on her. The NEXT DAY when I Skyped her, she reported feeling rather well and hopeful, there was a smile on her face that I have not seen for 6 month. This is just ONE example, powerful one of what is continuing to happen every day. I would recommend the courses without hesitation and looking forward to taking more classes with Dina on Reiki and Crystal Work. I am grateful for her knowledge, guidance and ability to transmit the knowledge in such a powerful way  Namaste.

Nellia, San Diego

Sandhiya Ramaswamy, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Dana Point

Sandhiya Ramaswamy, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Dana Point greenlotuswellness.comAs an Ayurveda practitioner, I have always wanted to incorporate Reiki healing in my practice, as well as use it as a tool to balance myself.  So I was very excited to sign up for the Reiki 1 certification offered by Dina Kleiman. I am so glad that I took Dina’s class! Dina is a truly gifted and inspiring teacher – she walks the walk! Her instructions were very clear, accompanied with detailed handouts – she also provided a lot of real life examples and anecdotes as well. I enjoyed the 2 days of classes immensely ~ just what I was looking for ~ I have already put my Reiki learnings into practice and have experienced the benefits – Thank You Dina! I am looking forward to the Reiki 2 class with you!”

Sandhiya Ramaswamy, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Dana Point

Seminyak Bali Healer

Seminyak Bali HealerI would like to comment about two workshops that I took with Dina – Reiki and Crystals.


Reiki: Living in Bali where Reiki and all other alternative medicines were in every street corner in Ubud, I was both skeptical and curious about Reiki for the longest time yet didn’t get the chance to explore it. During one of my trips home to CA, Dina happened to hold a class and invited me. It was such a beautiful class, beautifully simple, beautifully explained and practiced.  The best of all…. Reiki works!  Thank you, Dina. I hope I get to make it back for Reiki 2 soon.


Crystal: What can I say, it was fun class! The class was appropriately co-ed but I was sold on the idea of woman and crystals.  It was not about Swarovski or Lalique but it’s about a whole new world of colors, lights, healing, and energy in the dimension that the students got to experience.  Dina has a massive collection of crystals and she allowed us to play with the crystals.  Feeling the crystal energy in the class and sharing it with others was an amazing experience.  If seeing and feeling is believing, then you’d be believer soon.  I highly recommend the class.

​Cintha, Bali, Indonesia

ReniI have always had ‘fun’ in my life with the timing when things happen. It was very much fun for me to discover that after knowing about a dozen Reiki masters for about 5 years back in my homeland … and all of them really trying to talk me into teaching me the power of it just because they thought ‘I will be able to do miracles all by myself ‘ .. it would be only after I move to the US and I meet Dina I will decide it is my time now and I want Dina to be the one to show me the way to those miracles.


I am positive that all her Reiki students now know that nothing in this life is an accident. Nor she was to be one for being my Reiki Master. I was willing to open my senses enough only after I met her, and she turned out to be the right one to guide them them towards all they need in order to let the Reiki energy flow through me.


I have taken Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Dina and it was amazing to discover what she could teach me do and invaluable to know that I can do it EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life !!!


I have learned to accept everything in this life and enjoy the most of it; Digest the good and bad and only keep what is nutritious for my soul; Keep the pain, stress and accidents away from me and my loved ones; Help myself and everyone I care enough about to deal with the things that are hard to deal with all on your own. All I have to do is turn the reiki ON and maybe engage myself in a few moments of attention on the Reiki symbols!  As funny as it sounds it does work. It fades the past, fixes the present and makes the future exciting at all times just because I know I have so much power to make it such and will never have to wait or think it depends on someone or something else. And even if it does, Reiki makes it possible to make it all be in my own ‘hands’ by making my body and mind be all empowered to live and rule right.


This all above to me is as important as being able to breathe, read, write, work and love. Nature has given me some of those abilities, my parents and school others. Dina initiated me in Reiki and this at present is my most valuable power.


Thank you, Dina, for being able to introduce the Reiki power to me and making me capable of using it. I am having the time of my life, and I have Reiki-d this moment ON so that it be FOR LIFE !

Reni, Lake Forest

Dina is an excellent teacher and guided our Reiki group effortlessly through each step. Her professionalism, knowledge of Reiki and genuine caring came through on every level. I recommend Dina for her teaching and healing abilities. I am looking forward to taking another class with Dina, soon.

Cindy, OC

BonnieI have had Dina come to two of my homes and spiritually clean both of them.


The first one was because there was an uncomfortable feeling in the back bedroom where my husband and I slept. It was more than the feeling of someone watching me. It got to the point where I could not sleep in my room anymore and my husband and I were sleeping in the living room on the couches!!!


We had someone come in previous to Dina and explain the situation which was helpful. Although it did not clear up the situation. Once we had Dina come in and work on our home the problem in our back bedroom was gone and we could sleep in our bed again. We lived in the home another year without any other things happening and we loved where we lived!


Eventually, we did have to move to a larger home. After about 6 months we had Dina come over to Spiritual Clean and Bless our new home. I had always felt funny on the stairs, like uneasy. After Dina visited, I no longer felt that way and I love my new place!


Dina is so wonderful and explaining what she is doing, seeing and feeling. You can hang out with her and go from room to room or not. I love that! I feel blessed to be able to have Dina raise the vibration in my home and have her show me how to do things moving forward on my own. She is amazing, gifted and knowledgeable!!!

Bonnie, Aliso Viejo, CA

May Lynne Timeless Healings

Thank you, Dina for a wonderful psychic reading session.  I was not sure what to expect and some things you said did not make sense at the time.  Fast forward 3 months and several conversations with my parents about my family history, it all made sense.  I can't believe how spot on you were about my grandmother and her life.  I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I'll be scheduling another appointment soon and will definitely refer people to you.

Alex, Laguna Beach

Locked in Notary class 7:30-5:45 yesterday with massive head-ache.  Reiki on test and have never had easier test.  All answers came immediately.  Won’t get results for a few weeks but unless I missed all their trick questions which they are notorious for then WOW!!!  Thanks Dina!

Tamara, Orange, CA

Reiki Master Dina Kleiman was an incredible instructor and guide in the two Reiki classes that I attended.  She instilled in me how amazing Reiki can be to not only work on ourselves, but assist others.

Dina also made the class fun with her positive and easy going style.  Even though there was often a class discussion she kept the class focused.  She  is well prepared, knowledgeable, and patient; which are attributes that make for a nice class experience.

If you are interested in Reiki - definitely take her classes!

Mar, Mission Viejo

My experience at the Healing Circle was very positive. I could physically feel the energy from both Healers.
I went to the event with intention of learning how to heal from my illness. Instead, I  was told that my illness is a distraction for a decision I need to make. It's obvious to me what the decision is, now I just need to woman up and make it.

Jeannette, San Juan Capistrano

I just wanted to share the experience I had the other night at group healing. It was a very nice evening and I did see a golden globe, like when the sun sets and several times I saw flashes of white light. I thought for sure my back was going to give me problems from laying on the floor, and it was a pleasant surprise that it did not. Thank you again for a nice evening.

Debbie, Laguna Niguel

Susie 2I found that this experience with Reiki was different from what I expected. I expected to use it to heal others. Instead, I seem to be healing myself. Right after the class I found that I had so much anger and I hate to feel angry! I would rather pretend that everything is fine and I’ve been that way for many years. (I’m 62 years old.) I was upset that I felt so mad but it gradually subsided. Now I feel that I don’t want to be with people that I don’t like and I won’t do things that I don’t feel are in my best interest. Before Reiki, I was a pushover. I couldn’t say no to anyone.


Now, I feel that I know what’s best for me and I’m less afraid to go for it. Weird. This is not what I expected at all. I guess I am the one who needed the healing most of all.


I now feel more confident in my decisions. I had a volunteer job and felt unappreciated, so I quit. I am letting people fall out of my life who frustrate me and take my joy. Lastly, I have a job interview today and am going to dress up and know that I would be the best person for this job whether I am hired or not!


I am definitely taking Reiki III and am grateful that I’ve had this awesome experience!

Susie, Laguna Niguel

I used Reiki constantly this summer as I traveled through Europe. We went to the Dali museum in Cadaques, Spain and I felt suffocated and like I wanted to run out screaming! My head was hurting so bad from the pressure. I used Reiki to surround myself with light and only allow the highest vibrations and was able to enjoy the rest of the tour. It ended up being one of my favorite places so I was very grateful for Reiki!

Nicole @dayoffdishes

10312632_842778892402789_6081959214157143413_nI think the attunement hit me yesterday! Here's what happened..... Took a shower yesterday morning, like every day but when I dried off and wrapped the towel around me ready to dry my hair, I felt an increadible wash of light and serenity come over me, wave after wave each one flowing from head to toe each one going further down my body till I was in a cocoon of white light. So calm and peaceful as the light went down through my feet and to earth. This morning I woke up and before I got out of bed those difficult words just flowed from my mouth with little effort, Cho Ku Ri, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and the rest! Wow just wow and thank you

Dave, Laguna Niguel

hayleaDina, I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing Reiki 2 classes you taught last week. Reiki has honestly changed the way I live my everyday life and I have you to thank for all of that! I use it on myself, on my boyfriend, my pets and I use reiki when I am teaching. You are truly an amazing teacher and offer so much wisdom. I look forward to more training with you!

Haylea, Aliso Viejo

I became Reiki 1 certified 3 years ago tonight!  Then 3 months later Reiki 2. Thank you for blessing my world, Dina. I practice Reiki everyday!

Kevin, Indiana

Thank you for a wonderful reading. I was not sure what questions to ask so I came open to hear what you have to say. You have really helped me to better understand myself and my patterns. So much has become clear. I am going to make some changes in my life.

Matt, Mission Viejo

Dear Dina. Thank you sooooo much. I came to you with some specific questions and I got so much more information than I though would be possible. Through you the spirit spoke and answered the questions I did not even know I had. So much is clear now and I know what to do.

Jessica, Irvine

I have been meaning to write to say thank you so much for the wonderful energy healing session I had. The session was truly healing and I am looking forward to working with you again as soon as my schedule allows! Thank you so much.

Sarah, Lake Forest

reiki for kidsThank you so much Dina for teaching a kids reiki class to Sophie! It's been a few weeks now and she regularly uses it to calm herself in emotionally tough situations (for her age, she is 6). She also used it to ease my shoulder pain, recently. It has proven to be an amazing tool/ skill that she uses daily! I highly recommend Dina's classes in Reiki (for both adults and kids), as well as meditation, crystals and other fascinating metaphysical subjects. Dina has a truly unique gift!

Galina, Rancho Santa Margarita

Hi Dina!!! I wanted to let you know I am feeling much better energetically overall after seeing you. I took a 3 week vacation and came home to South America in search for information about my ancestors. I think I feel more grounded, and I even found respect for certain decisions made by my parents I don’t fully agree with.

I have connected with my son in ways I hadn’t been able too. I also understand now why I parent the way I do.

I’m still working with relationships... husband, mom. But wanted to let you know I have made tremendous progress since I first received your help!
I would like to see you again, healing in person or distance.

Anabel, Irvine, CA


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