Setting goals with the Vision Board

how to create a vision boardAs each year begins I like to set goals for things I want to accomplish within my next orbit around the sun.

I am not a fan of “resolutions.” To me the word “resolution” implies that something is wrong and must be “resolved.” I do not think there’s anything wrong with my life or anyone else’s for that matter. Each of us is perfect the way he or she is right now… and there’s plenty of room for growth.

Instead of setting “New Year’s Resolutions” I set “New Year’s Goals.”

One of my favorite ways to set my goals is through a process called vision boarding.

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, focus and set a specific life goal through the use of images. The process is not hard but it does require time, introspection and honesty.

The basic process involves looking through magazines or online for images that represent that which you want to achieve. Once you locate those images, you cut them out and paste them onto a thick piece of cardboard or poster board.

The process may take from several hours to several weeks to complete. Once the board is ready, you place the board in a place where it would be visible to you daily.

Some people place their vision board in their bedroom, some in their closet, and others on their refrigerator.

Although the process is creative and unstructured, there are some basic rules I like to follow:

  1. Be free. This is your creation, put on your vision board everything and anything that moves and inspires you.
  2. Be truthful and open with yourself. Remember, you are a beautiful and deserving human being. You are worthy to everything this world has to offer.
  3. Go for it. If you want something, put it on your board, do not concern yourself with the details of how, if and when.
  4. Be specific with your images. Want money? For what purpose do you want this money? Is it to travel? If so, find a photo of a travel destination of your dreams and put it on your board.
  5. Use images that are meaningful to you. Looking for a new relationship? What about a relationship is important to you? Perhaps you want to find someone who will share in your hobby of mountain biking. Find a picture that represents that to you.
  6. Have fun. This is your time and your life. Enjoy the creative purpose and then watch the world unfold at your feet.

Remember, the vision board you create is for YOU. This means that you can put anything and everything on it that is important to you. Perhaps you already know you want to put on your vision board or perhaps you are not sure where to start.

To help you organize your vision board, I have compiled a list of different areas that represent our lives.

This list was inspired by Feng Shui Bagua, map of how energy moves within any given space, house, office, bedroom, yard, or even your closet. I really like the Bagua concept because it helps us to understand how the energy flows not just within our physical space but also within our lives.

This list is just a suggestion, feel free to use one, several, all or none of the below areas on your vision board.

  1. Fame, reputation – how others perceive you, how things come to you (is it with integrity and honesty and self-worth?)
  2. Love and romantic relationships
  3. Creativity, children and entertainment – things you like to do for fun (what feeds your soul?)
  4. Travel, helpful people and mentors
  5. Career, where you want to go in life, what you want to do (not just business career, it can also include things of service that you like to do, volunteer work)
  6. Wisdom, spirituality and personal growth
  7. Family Relationships
  8. Prosperity, wealth, abundance – all types of abundance, not just financial
  9. In the center of everything is YOU: your life, chi, prana – what represents your true self? Where do you want to see yourself in 2017? Be sure to add YOU onto your vision board.

I hope you get a chance to take the time and create your own board this year. Even if you do not get to it in the beginning of the year, it is never too late to make one.

I have been doing my boards yearly for the last five years. I am amazed at how much I am able to manifest and how closely my manifested reality correlates with my initial goals.

I bet there is a chubby angel sitting on a cloud somewhere, swinging his legs and laughing: “I told you that you can do it. All you have to do is believe in yourself and go for it!”

I’d like to stick my tongue out at that that smug angel and blow him a raspberry… And then mumble, yes, I guess you were right.


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