There are many ways to grow and heal. Schedule a on-on-one energy healinghypnotherapy or intuitive reading session, come to a group healing circle, take a class or become Reiki Certified. Scroll down to see all of the ways I can help you.

One-on-one Energy Healing, Detox and Chakra Balancing

120 minutes – $300

Receive a full-body energetic detox and alignment along with intuitive reading and spiritual guidance.  Each session weaves in Reiki relaxation, chakra balancing, past life regression, communication with your guides and angels, and positive affirmations.  After the session Dina will offer intuitive insight into your  underlying physical or emotional issues and suggest some tools and techniques you can use to assist with your ongoing healing.  Private sessions are available by phone, skype, or in person. Click here to schedule your session.



120 minutes – $300

Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way to resolve personal and career issues and instill positive changes so you can live the life you desire. Here are some things with which hypnotherapy can help you: confidence, motivation, career growth, fears and phobias, public speaking, health, weight loss, stop smoking, stress management and relaxation, grief recovery, test taking, mindful living and more!  The benefits of hypnotherapy are limitless.  Private sessions are available by phone, skype, or in person. Click here to schedule your session.


psychic readingIntuitive Reading

60 minutes – $150

An intuitive reading will help you to learn about yourself, your situation, your patters and your karmic energy so that you can understand what is happening to you, decide what you truly want and alter your life path accordingly. During an intuitive reading session I connect with Spirit Guides and examine your Aura and Chakra energy. I help you find the best way to make decisions, create healthy relationships, attract abundance, and achieve harmony, peace and happiness in all areas of your life. Click here to schedule your session.


Learn Reiki, Reiki Certification Class Become a Healer – Learn Reiki Universal Energy Healing

Reiki 1 – $180       Reiki 2 – $380       Reiki Master $580       Reiki Teacher $780

Reiki works with our vibrational being, higher wisdom and cosmic forces to bring about changes in the mental, emotional and physical bodies.  The 7-hour workshop includes a thorough explanation of how to use the Reiki technique, lots of hands-on practice, a written manual and the special attunement that will permanently connect you to the high-frequency Reiki energy.  Take 2 or more Reiki workshops and receive up to $600 discount. Click here to register.


Transcendental Healing of the Soul – a Group Healing
Group Energy Healing

2 hour session       $35 prepay, $40 at the door

Gather together with a group of like minded friends to receive an energetic healing on all levels – Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit.   This evening includes: Chakra & Aura Balancing, Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Channeled Chanting and Singing and personalized messages from your Spirit Guides.  Click here to register. *Each 2-hour session is limited to 16 people.


Ghosts in a home Clear the Energy of Your Home or Office

$350 for up to 90 minutes, additional time is $175 per hour (prorated)*

Energetically, everything that happens in a building – thoughts, actions and emotions – is held there like microscopic dust imprinted on the walls, floor and furniture.  Such energies can linger and disturb the balance of any home or office. A House Clearing transforms energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier, more abundant and happier for you, your family, your pets and your business.  Click here to schedule your session.

*Total price depends on the size of your home/office and the severity of the issue. Additional charge may apply for travel. Contact Dina for more information.


Workshops about Crystals, Chakras Reiki and more!

Throughout the year Dina offers workshops on a variety of subjects that deal with energetic and spiritual healing.

Learn how to select a Crystal, feel its energy, clear it, meditate with it and use crystals for healing of yourself and others… Learn how to clear and balance your chakras by taking a look at how your thoughts and beliefs influence your health and well-being… and more!

Click here for Calendar of Events




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