Seeing past ego and judgement

Our mind constructs how we will tell a story and more importantly our mind constructs how we HEAR a story.“The ego views “understanding” on the personal level, as the ability to listen clearly to what someone is saying, or, conversely, as the need to be heard clearly by others. The grace of Understanding, in contrast, grants us the capacity to transcend matters transpiring at the personal level. This grace opens our capacity to see beyond the illusion of a circumstance and understand the deeper truth of what is really taking place.”

Caroline Myss

One of the effects of studying yoga and meditation is that you begin to see the big picture, the meaning behind the words, the intention behind the action. Case in point, many years ago I met this woman who I thought was an intrusive gossip. She kept asking me about my relationships, about people we both knew, who was doing what, where and with whom. Being a private person, I quietly took offense and distanced myself from her.

The sacred truth of the 6th chakra is this: Seek only the truth. Continually search for the difference between truth and illusion. Trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.Fast forward about a dozen years, I ran into her again. And again she started with the questions. Only this time, it was not the questions that I heard. I heard her yearning to connect, to be a part of the group, to participate. I saw a lovely, albeit lonely woman who was just trying to bond with people. I still did not answer her questions, such are my boundaries, however I was able to feel compassion for her and looked for a way to help her feel included without participating in what I personally view as gossip.

Our mind is a part of our 6th chakra. It is where we learn to discern the universal truth from human illusions.  For me this means that our mind constructs how we will tell a story and more importantly our mind constructs how we HEAR a story. Do we hear the words literally “I want to hear some juicy gossip?” Or do we hear “I want to be a part of the community.”


Article originally published in Holistically Savvy

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