River crossings, aliens and bull horns

Over the last year I had traveled to somewhere pretty much on a monthly basis. You could say I caught the happy feet fever. I visited the Antelope Canyon, Sedona, Gulf of Mexico, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Florida, Vegas, Tucson, the Grand Canyon, Burning Man, Reno, Prescott and several other places I can’t recall right this moment. Some trips were for pleasure, some were for business and pleasure, while others were for pleasurable business.  I’d say that my favorite place to visit has and always will be Sedona, with Burning Man being a very close second because c’mon, it’s Burning Man.

For me, Sedona holds something special. I have been going there regularly since 2012 once or twice a year. Each and every time my experience has been amazing. I understand why so many people move to live in Sedona. There’s something je ne sais quoi about the place that pulls you in, fills you with the unconditional love of Gaia, removes your worldly attachments and adds a bit of absurdity into your day. That last part is my favorite.

One year, I was there in January; it was cold and snowing. We decided that instead of hiking, we would hit the stores. Long story short, that year I came home with a huge set of bull horns. I mean huuuge, like 6 feet across. I got them at a Native American store. It was one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” thing. They were nice bull horns. Very well polished, very shiny. I gave them to a friend.

Another year we drove up from Tucson right after attending the Gem and Mineral show. Our car was filled with crystals and we decided that we want to charge several of the larger crystals with Sedona magic. We thought it would be ah-mazing to take those crystals hiking with us. Friends, take this warning to heart, hiking in high elevation with a 36-pound rock in your backpack is not the best idea. It’s not the worst idea, but nonetheless, don’t do it! Luckily, I was not the one carrying that rock, I got its smaller cousin. Still, I am quite positive that there are easier ways to charge crystals.

This past year I was there in September. We mostly managed to stay out of trouble. The only questionable moment was when we found ourselves either needing to cross a freezing river or turn around and walk back ten miles. We chose the former and almost did not fall. We ended up taking Uber back to the hotel; we stood on a deserted street for over an hour waiting for it, but that story is for another day.

Next week I will be returning to Sedona. This time, it will be for a Yoga and Healing Retreat that I am leading together with Lesley Fightmaster. We booked a beautiful, all-inclusive resort that is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of downtown. We hired a tour guide to show us the non-touristy parts of Sedona. I truly believe this will my most organized, non-weird visit to Sedona. We will practice yoga, meditate, play with crystals, go on walks, partake in healing and massages. Just like normal people. It will all be perfectly normal… I promise… Except for one tiny, small detail that I am not sure I should even mention… The resort where we will be staying has several landing sites created specifically for aliens. Yep, aliens have been seen frequenting the facility, so the owner, Michael, rolled out a welcoming mat for them in the form of several labyrinths, which incidentally we will be exploring… in detail.

If you are in the mood for rejuvenation, relaxation, restoration, re-creation, realization, and some other activities that start with “R”, join us April 5 – 8. We have 2 spots open. The details are here.


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