Scary doggie mommy moment

Scary doggie mommy moment

It was dark and rainy. The street was slippery. I was sleepy. Misha the Poodle was investigating the pee another dog deposited on a succulent. Life was flowing by in its expected mundane fashion.

Misha saw him first. Neither of us is sure of his name. I call him Handsome-Husky. Misha calls him The-One-I-Must-Destroy.

Misha gets along fine with some dogs. The rule is, if the other dog is submissive and docile then all is good. If the other dog gives even a hint of dominance, then Misha gets very angry and uses all of his 13 pounds to show that he is the boss.

One time Misha growled at an English Bulldog named Max. He must had decided that Max gave him an evil look and needed to be put back in his place. But Max was too cool to care. He did not even look up. Max continued on his merry way, drooling and swaggering in a typical bulldog fashion. I think I did see a hint of eye rolling coming from Max though. Go Max, I thought.

Unfortunately the Handsome-Husky is nothing like Max.

Whenever Misha and HH see each other, they act in exactly the same way. They lunge at each other and pant: “OOOO, let me off the leash, I am going to eat that guy. Just you see!”

This line of thinking is understandable when coming from a 70 pound husky. His job is to protect his master and just like a good bulky bodyguard he takes his job seriously. Now, the same coming from a 13 pound dinner roll – well, not so smart.

Sometimes I wonder if Misha is aware that his spirit resides in a tiny body. Perhaps he still thinks he is that giant mastiff he was in a previous life. Maybe he thinks he is a coyote. The time he covered himself in green goose poop made me think that he still thinks that he is a wild wolf.

But back to that night, the dark, the rain and husky-the-arch-nemesis. Misha saw that dog, lunged, fell and froze.

I examined him and realized that he had hurt his hind right leg. I did not feel any breaks or tears but his thigh muscle was very tight. I figured he either got himself a muscle cramp or dislocated his knee cap as he had about six months prior.

I picked him up and carried him home, grateful that he is indeed not a giant mastiff. By the time we got inside he was shaking and his body was limp. He was quickly becoming unresponsive. I could see that he was in a lot of pain. Nothing was broken so a trip to the emergency vet would only help that vet buy another boat.

There seemed to be nothing I could do. But that was not true. I could do Reiki.

I lay him on the bed and performed Reiki while gently massaging his leg. Within five minutes he became more alert. I continued Reiki for another thirty minutes until I fell asleep.

The next morning I was scared to take him outside because I did not know what state his leg would be in. The previous night he would not even stand on three legs, that’s how much pain he was in.

Gingerly I picked him up from the bed and placed him on the grass, preparing myself for the worst.

Imagine my surprise when he stood upright on all four legs and went prancing through the back yard like nothing happened! He was neither limping nor favoring his leg. It was as if last night was a bad dream.

I was elated! I am still elated! My baby is well again!

I do not quite know what happened that night. Maybe it was a muscle spasm that would had released on its own. Maybe it was a dislocated knee cap that went back in as he was resting.

But maybe, just maybe it was Reiki and the fact that was able to do it directly after the injury occurred made a huge difference.

I won’t question things. I am just so happy that my little guy is OK.

Reiki on!


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