What is Reiki, how can Reiki helpHello and welcome to the Reiki section of my blog.

Reiki is an energy and a technique to bring about changes in our energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Reiki can have a direct impact on all aspects of our lives, our health, finances, self-esteem, stress levels, relationships and so on.

I, as well as my students use Reiki for all sorts of things.

Reiki can help us to: recover from a cold, decrease stress, lower anxiety, find a parking spot, do well on interviews and tests,  get to a destination safely, decrease fears and phobias, attract that special someone, help decrease body aches, help with digestion, bring harmony to your home, increase energy, improve motivation and more.

Scroll down to read about how apply Reiki to your every day life, ways to use Reiki, how to set up a Reiki crystal grid and my often comical experiences with Reiki.

If you are interested in becoming Reiki (notice I said “becoming Reiki”, not “doing Reiki”), click here to read about the Reiki Certification Program I offer. I teach Reiki differently from most teachers. While Reiki is generally taught as a way to heal another person, I teach is as a tool to heal yourself. Once we heal ourselves, healing another person becomes a breeze. I also spend quite a bit of time discussing the ethics of Reiki. I believe that it is important for us to practice energy healing with as much integrity as we can. I teach several Reiki workshops throughout the year.

Scroll down to read more. If a particular article moves you or if you have a question, please drop me a note in the comments section. I read and value each and every comment.

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Cannabis for headaches – does it help?

My headaches were getting progressively worse to the point where I was in pain and major brain fog for 4 – 8 days each month ... Read More

Why energy healing is better than psychotherapy

Quite often I have new clients sit with me who have gone through ten plus years of therapy. They know exactly what their traumas are, ... Read More

How Reiki can harm us and why healers get sick

If Reiki is universal love, how can I harm myself through Reiki? One of the biggest reasons healers get sick is that they so desperately ... Read More
Reiki to help with worry

Don’t worry… Be Reiki

The day I learned Reiki and became attuned to it, MY BRAIN SHUT UP. No, I did not become careless or delusional. I just found ... Read More
How to use Reiki in crowded spaces

Ancient ruins, smelly people, murderous desires and Reiki

Follow me as I traipse my way through Rome, fight crowds and find inner peace ... Read More
Why I teach Reiki and how my classes differ

Why I teach Reiki and how my classes differ

Reiki for me is like flying with the wisest, calmest and most loving angelic beings. I love the high and the joy that I get ... Read More

Video – setting up a Reiki Grid

I am often asked how to set up a crystal grid. Here is my thought process as I build the grid. This particular grid was ... Read More

A dog, an airplane, Reiki, and me

Flying. It seems so mundane and simple to just sit in an airplane hours on end. Yet, so much happens in a span of a ... Read More
Sample of things for which I use Reiki to help me navigate my days

Sample of things for which I use Reiki to help me navigate my days

Reiki applications are limitless. All you need to remember is to have a clear intention on what you want, perform Reiki with integrity and respect ... Read More
10 Ways to Use Reiki

10 of the Quickest and Easiest Ways to Use Reiki TODAY

The great thing about Reiki is that you can use it any time, any place, for a minute or for an hour. Even if you ... Read More

Reiki is My Prayer

In the afternoon of April 15, 2013, I was a hysterical mess, in the evening, I became Reiki ... Read More
get Reiki Healer Certification

Learn Reiki

"What the certificate says: Shilah Sarkissian has attained the status of Reiki Master. What my heart says is: thank you to a wonderful teacher, mentor ... Read More

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