Crystal Healer Certification Program

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018
- Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

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This 8-class certification program will teach you how to be a crystal healer. Crystals are tools that many healer use. But being a healer is so much more than tools, techniques, reading books and completing training programs. It is about having access to your own inner power and removing your fears and blocks. It is about remembering who you once were and bringing that into who you are. It is about turning down the volume on your ego and having the confidence to work with the highest vibration energy.

Join us on this 8-class series as we explore all of the above and more. You can take all eight or choose a la carte. Those who complete all eight session and demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities will receive certification as a crystal healer.  We will cover the following topics:

1. Intro to Crystal Healing - We start with a basic overview of how crystals work, how to select, maintain, clear crystals and how to tell real from fake. We then discuss metaphysical properties of common crystals and go through an exercise of connecting to crystal guides, feeling the energy of crystals and receiving a message that is relevant to your own healing process. (October 9)

2. Crystals and Chakras - We will talk about the seven major chakras, what kind of information they can provide for us and how to use crystals, including jewelry to help with chakra healing. (October 23)

3. Connecting to your higher self and working with ego - whether you work with crystals or other tools, the energetic space from which you do you work plays a key role. Although possible, ego based healings are limited in scope and effect. To be a powerful and influential healer you must know how to work from your higher wisdom and how to keep your ego at bay. (November 6)

4. Crystal Lab aka Healer Practicum session 1 - Observe how to set up, perform and complete a crystal healing session. Then practice giving a healing. A practicum is an important part of a healer training because this is where you get to be observed by a teacher, have an opportunity to ask questions and receive constructive feedback so that you can become a better healer. If you use another healing modality such as Reiki, we will talk about how to incorporate crystal healing into your current work. (November 13)

5. Exploring Your Past Lives as a Healer - Explore your past lives where you were a healer. Reconnect to your forgotten powers and discover what traumas are holding you back as a healer. Heal the traumas and bring your past knowledge into the present. December 4)

6. Lemuria and Working with Lemurian Seed Crystals - It is said that Lemuria was an ancient earth civilization that has lived out its physical existence and went into non-physical. Prior to leaving the physical realm, Lemurians have encoded their knowledge into crystals and have left those crystals for us to find. Most people who feel an affinity for crystals have had one or more lives in Lemuria. In this class we will work with Lemurian energy and Lemurian seed crystals and learn how to incorporate this ancient knowledge into your healing practice. (December 20)

7. Building Crystal Grids and Programming Crystals -The class will start with a quick overview of sacred geometry and how it can be used together with crystals. We will then explore different methods of building crystal grids and programming crystals. We will also explore the reasons to build a crystal grid, how grids work and how to select crystals for your grid.   Finally we will cover how to select and use crystals to make healing jewelry and crystal wands. (January 8)

8. Crystal Lab aka Healer Practicum session 2 - Now that you know how to use your crystal tools, we will go a step further and learn some specific crystal healing techniques: identifying and cutting cords, soul de-fragmentation, psychic surgery and more. (January 22)

Meeting 6: 30 pm - 9 pm on: Oct 9, 23. Nov 6, 13. Dec 4, 18. Jan 8, 22.

Laguna Niguel

Drop in $50,   8-session series: $320

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Laguna Niguel, California 92677

Event Fees:

Drop-in $ 50.00

8-week series $ 320.00

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