where is it ethical to do a psychic reading

Why I do not do readings or healings in random places

where is it ethical to do a psychic reading

Shoes can be inspiring, no question. But can we do a good intuitive reading while drooling over shiny shoes?

There’s a common belief that an intuitive person has all the answers or at least has access to the answers and all she needs to do is tune in and repeat what she hears in her head.

Translation: “I can call my healer/reader and while she is casually perusing the shoe aisle at a local department store, I can ask her to look into my health condition and tell me what to do. Why not? It’s not like she has to do anything special, the information is there, all she has to do it give me the message.”

I suppose that I, as that healer, could be hopping on one foot trying on shiny gold shoes while passing on divine messages to someone who is currently experiencing rapid heartbeat.

Are you laughing yet?

Yes? No?

True story. Just happened. You know what I told her? “Go see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition and tell me what the doctor says.”

But she kept pushing, “just tell me why I have been experiencing rapid heartbeat on and off for the last seven years and make it go away!”

I explained to her that my specialty is to work on the energetic cause of the issue, rather than on the symptom. In order to work with integrity, I need to give her 100 percent of my attention and a two minute conversation in the shoe aisle just won’t do it. I told her that we will work on it during our appointment and in the meantime she should go see a medical doctor as I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Unsatisfied she hung up. Two minutes later she called me back. “I just don’t understand why it keeps happening,” she said. “Tell me what to do.”

Once again, I explained that it would be unethical and frankly dangerous for me to do any sort of reading or healing work while I am being distracted by shiny gold shoes. I will be happy to help her during our next appointment, in the meantime she should go see a doctor.

She then texted me that she herself has given divinely guided messages to people in all sorts of places and has helped so many and she still does not understand why I won’t give her a quick over the phone message to fix her (seven year) problem.

Again, I explained to her that in order for me to work with integrity and to provide her with the best possible information, she needs to come in for an appointment. If she does not want to come in, we can do a phone session, but I need to be in the privacy of my office, there must be no interruptions and my own energy has to be balanced and clear. A department store with people walking by cannot take the place of an office no matter how much she wishes it would. And that an energy healer is not a substitute for a medical doctor.

This went on for several more rounds of “I need you to do a reading right now!” on her part and “I will but during our appointment” on my part.

Please understand, it is not my intention to withhold information, Goddess knows I have been in her shoes so many times (hehe, get it, shoes). When I have a headache I don’t want to wait for an appointment to explore it. I want someone to tell me how to make it go away NOW.

I get it!

Truly, honestly, I feel her pain and I get that she wants a magic potion to make it all go away. I want that potion too. But that’s not how energy healing and readings work. At least not for me.

I treat energy healings and intuitive readings as sacred activities. This means that my own energy has to be clear, there must be no distractions, I must devote my 100 percent attention to the client and the space I am in must be appropriate to the work. A mall, a store, a restaurant, a party, a bar, an elevator, a bus, a parking garage, the middle of the street are rarely appropriate places for this type of work. I list those places because I have been asked to do a reading or healing in each of these.

Even if I were to do a good two-minute reading or a healing and make that person’s problem go away, that person would just recreate the issue in the future. This is because the only way to have a permanent impact is for a healer to work together with the client, determine the cause of the problem, and heal the underlying issue. This takes time. Not necessarily a long time, but a two minute phone conversation, under harsh overhead lights, surrounded by strangers while wearing one shoe just won’t do it.

In my view, that’s not working with integrity. In my view, this is not helpful. In my view, this is borderline harmful.

If you are in the habit of doing quick readings or healings in random places, I invite you to think about that. What is your motivation and what energy are you connecting to?  Can you be certain that your message is indeed correct, is not guided by your Ego or the fact that you do not know how to say no? Is the action of giving the message or performing a healing going to serve yourself in any way?

That last question is the most important. If the act of giving a message or providing a healing serves you personally, then your energy is contaminated. A true, divinely inspired message or a healing provides no emotional or psychological gain to the giver. So whenever I feel that giving someone a message or a healing will do something for me, including making me feel good, then I make a choice to remain quiet and continue to go about my own business.

May your days be full of light, inspiration and divine guidance. May your boundaries be firm and clear. And may all troubles pass you by like a mosquito who is about to be eaten by a lark.

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