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My headaches were getting progressively worse to the point where I was in pain and major brain fog for 4 ... Read More
I asked the spirit of cannabis: why is it that some people go into an amazing meditation with you while ... Read More
Past life traumas are not all the same. A past life healing for one who drowned in a lake is ... Read More
Do we need to follow special diets, say specific prayers, do offerings to our ancestors, etc... in order to be ... Read More
We often hear people refer to each other as "old souls" and "young souls." What does that mean and is ... Read More
Our senses take in millions of items of information at the same time, however we only become aware of just ... Read More
Why must we choose between the financial comfort of the matrix and financial ruin of living in our truth? Why ... Read More
Quite often I have new clients sit with me who have gone through ten plus years of therapy. They know ... Read More
To protest well, I believe, we must first find something to protest, preferably something annoying. The latter part is not ... Read More
One day, I realized that I had made a great miscalculation by assuming that the world around me and the ... Read More
Something to ponder next time you feel disappointed or let down by someone. Did the person actually disappoint you or ... Read More
As we enter into a relationship we plug into the energy that creates, holds, defines and maintains such relationship. We ... Read More
Each of us has many stories. About our creation. About the shaping of Self. About being scared, not wanted, shut ... Read More
I have this theory on why we suffer in relationships with others and with ourselves. And how to stop the ... Read More
If we are used to seeing things in a certain way and then we find out that what we have ... Read More
I had many clients who experienced miscarriages. Here I share my perspective as an energy healer as to why and ... Read More
I called God an idiot and told him/her/it/them that I am in charge. In return, God – the Universe or ... Read More
If Reiki is universal love, how can I harm myself through Reiki? One of the biggest reasons healers get sick ... Read More
This is a quick overview of which crystals can be used for which chakras ... Read More
This 3-part series was recorded in a class a recently taught at a local yoga studio. Here I share how I ... Read More
In this video I share with you how this particular piece came into my possession, what I did to “bond” ... Read More
In this video I talk about my bear tooth fossil and a meteorite. I share how I use them within ... Read More
In this video I share with you how to use kambaba jasper to impact the energy of the heart chakra ... Read More
Some years ago I taught a crystals class to a room full of psychic readers. My students were professional intuitive ... Read More
Healing a past life returns our power to us because we are no longer destined to follow the set trajectory ... Read More
About two years ago, I was facilitating a cannabis plant medicine ceremony in California. As recreational cannabis becomes legal in ... Read More
Hello from beautiful and magical Thailand. I’ve been here over a month and I’m slowly getting used to the island ... Read More
The subject of no pain, no gain in spiritual healing keeps coming up recently. It seems that we have programmed ... Read More
So many people tell me that only if they knew their purpose, then they would be happy and at peace ... Read More
Giuseppe’s wife, Florentina, decided that for once, she should at least pretend to play the role of a dutiful wife ... Read More
Get your FREE ebook: LEARN TO HEAL and BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS The chakra methodology forms the basis of my healing work. When ... Read More
I asked spirit to show me the worlds people go to when using. I watched people’s soul fragments become stuck ... Read More
How is it that adult women, mothers,aunts, grandmothers could stoop so far down as to steal scallions from a child ... Read More
I see a lot of clients who have autoimmune disease. It’s a complex issue that our conventional doctors often shrug ... Read More
In this recording I talk about how we can use cannabis to help us heal from within and gain an ... Read More
I have been working with cannabis in private and group settings for a few years now, allowing myself to be ... Read More
Empath's survival guide during highly charged political times. Audio recording ... Read More
Recently I had a client who as born in Venezuela. Her family immigrated there in the first half of the ... Read More
I knew of your work coming into this but I don't think I fully understood your work as a healer ... Read More
The principle told everyone that my behavior puts the school to shame, that I do not think about anyone except ... Read More
I noticed a very peculiar thing – presence of embarrassment or even shame in belonging to an alternative field of ... Read More
I wanted to understand why humans create art and music in a way that does not entail money or any ... Read More
Suddenly it became so much easier for me to connect with the spirit world. My clairvoyance and other internal sensors ... Read More
There were several acceptable answers he could had given me, including, “I’m hot, you are hot, it’s Burning Man.” ... Read More
A few months ago I was asked to lead a private healing retreat in Oregon. We stayed at an old ... Read More
There comes a time late at night when stillness descends upon the earth. Some call it the bewitching hour. I ... Read More
Friends, take this warning to heart, hiking in high elevation with a 36-pound rock in your backpack is not the ... Read More
Sometimes being psychic is really shitty. You know something will happen, you know your world will turn onto its side ... Read More
By Elora Fina When it comes to my spiritual practice, I rarely expose my experiences. I hold my ceremonial and ... Read More
Last night I dreamed of a bird. A fluffy little bird that flew from bush to bush, pollinating the flowers ... Read More
Pinklight Project with guest Dina Kleiman
Recently I was invited as a guest on Pinklight Project to talk about past lives, ancestral karma, crystals, energetic attachments, ... Read More
Do you know that in addition to being an Energy Healer I have a 20+ year corporate background and own ... Read More
I have many clients who come to me for help with their business or professional career. They come from many ... Read More
Setting goals is key to getting where you want to be in life. After all if you do not have ... Read More
Essential oils have been used for healing for over 6,000 years. They are created by taking an extract from plants’ ... Read More
how to to heal chakras with crystals
Chakras are energetic databanks that store information about events that happened to us in this life, previous lives and also ... Read More
Last week I had a conversation with one of my friends. He was responding to my story about how I ... Read More
I have an opinion about opinionated people. I deeply respect them. Because it’s not easy to have an opinion. Especially ... Read More
working with the inner child
Lock yourself out of your home – accidentally on purpose – and climb over your garden fence. As you get ... Read More
epigenetics and removing family karma
Does the mid Twentieth century trauma of my grandparents affect me now, in the Twenty First century? Am I a ... Read More
meditation to hep me ground and connect to Gaia
We often try to escape our physicality by focusing on our spirituality because it feels so good to be connecting ... Read More
Learn to paint a mandala class
Painting was always one of those things that scared me. To pick up a brush or a colored pencil for ... Read More
From a point into infinity. From a micro into a macro. A mandala gives us a way to express our ... Read More
fortune telling and intuitive readings
I am often asked: what is the difference between an intuitive reading and fortune telling? Both fall under a "psychic ... Read More
Reiki to help with worry
The day I learned Reiki and became attuned to it, MY BRAIN SHUT UP. No, I did not become careless ... Read More
It was dark and wet. My dog pulled on the leash, fell and froze. I examined him and realized that ... Read More
Every time this happened Misha would shake like a dry leaf in the mid-winter snow storm. I felt like I ... Read More
The sound track to this video was recorded during one of the crystal seminars I taught in Sedona AZ. Here ... Read More
Every Saturday morning I hand over my dirty clothes to my robotic assistants named "Washman" and "Dryman." They do their ... Read More
visualization exercise for stress
This meditation will help you release stress, quiet your mind, and relax your body. Do this meditation whenever you need ... Read More
A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, focus and set a specific life goal through the use ... Read More
2017 in numerology
For the next year, whether you want to or not, 2017 will be ever present in our life's practices: Chances ... Read More
In a true Romeo and Juliet style, Dad would find a spot below Mom's hospital room window. Once he was ... Read More
dog poodle and living in the moment
“Hello, how are you,” I hear just as I reach down to pick up the brown piece of joy while ... Read More
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays
Pretending that the word Christmas does not exist is as idiotic as claiming that the word “a$$hole does not exist, ... Read More
using cryatls and essential oils for chakra healing
The information stored within the chakras can be incredibly diverse. Here are some of the things I have seen stored ... Read More
I was eleven, standing behind bullet proof glass with by parents and my brother next to me and the rest ... Read More
This week's blog is a guided meditation, YEY! I like to perform this meditation whenever I am feeling stressed and ... Read More
where is it ethical to do a psychic reading
I suppose that I, as that healer, could be hopping on one foot trying on shiny gold shoes while passing ... Read More
everything comes in perfect time
It was my Spirit's way of showing me that I am guided, that I am taken care of, that things ... Read More
how to find your muse
At times "life" gets the best of us, leaving no room for inspiration, imagination and fun. We feel like we ... Read More
How to cleanse the energy of crystals
In this article I show you several easy ways to clear the energy of crystals. Although I will talk specifically ... Read More
How to use Reiki in crowded spaces
Follow me as I traipse my way through Rome, fight crowds and find inner peace ... Read More
Why I teach Reiki and how my classes differ
Reiki for me is like flying with the wisest, calmest and most loving angelic beings. I love the high and ... Read More
do we see our beauty or ugliness
I believe that if we choose to see ourselves as ugly beings, then that is what we will see. We ... Read More
what is a Tibetan Bowl and how is it used for sound healing
In this video I show you what a private sound healing session with Tibetan Bowls looks like. Here I am using my ... Read More
How to establish personal space and create energetic boundaries
When you fear or dislike a person because they are different from you, understand that you are falling into an ... Read More
why do authors write books
Why the hell am I spending my Sunday afternoon writing instead of going to the beach? Have I totally lost ... Read More
meditation to find yourself
What if, suddenly, every to-do list disappeared, dissolved, dissipated, disintegrated… leaving behind… just the YOU. Naked, shivering, blinded by the ... Read More
Being spiritual and zen, letting go to energetic blocks
It is important to identify the blocks we have to spiritual growth so that way we can work on healing ... Read More
When you live somewhere, you become used to how things are. And when those things are no longer true, you ... Read More
are my emotions valid
Even those of you who are world travelers, angels in the human body who have come to rely on yourself ... Read More
why do bad things happen to me
Why is that even when we treat people kindly, eat consciously and recycle, we still struggle to make ends meet, ... Read More
In this video I show you the quickest way to cut a watermelon. I developed this process in my teens ... Read More
how to not be judgemental
When one’s opinion about another person is uttered with cruelty and venom, then it is no longer a personal view, ... Read More
He told me that I was never the intended keeper for him, rather I was just a part of his ... Read More
Your journey is not to reach the level of a Goddess or be like a Goddess. You are the Goddess! ... Read More
In this video I show you how to use natural frankincense and myrrh resin for smudging. Smudging is used in many ... Read More
I am often asked how to set up a crystal grid. Here is my thought process as I build the ... Read More
When I handed in my sheet music, the teacher almost fell off his chair laughing. Apparently the music was not ... Read More
Chakras as viewed through the third eye. Or what an energy healer "sees" ... Read More
Allow the goals to be flexible, like smoke. Sometimes clearly formed yet at other times, translucent almost to the point ... Read More
I wonder, how much do our current values and preconceptions shadow our interpretation of history? ... Read More
Would you let a stranger into your house… in the middle of the night… while you are sleeping? What if ... Read More
writing a testimonial
Asking for a testimonial can be unconformable. After all, our work is so personal, it can be hard to reach ... Read More
Flying. It seems so mundane and simple to just sit in an airplane hours on end. Yet, so much happens ... Read More
Sample of things for which I use Reiki to help me navigate my days
Reiki applications are limitless. All you need to remember is to have a clear intention on what you want, perform ... Read More
What it's like to be a hynotherapist
The other day I made a huge discovery: it is freakin' awesome to hear someone tell you exactly what they ... Read More
Yoga - the fountain of youth or just ask Grandpa
Through the ages there have been many myths and legends about the quest for rejuvenation. Greek historian Herodotus wrote of ... Read More
Energy Healing is often performed over distance and the technique used depends on the system. For example, in Reiki, we designate ... Read More
Healers, could a client cancellation be a good thing? Definitely. A cancellation may increase your success rate and also show ... Read More
10 Ways to Use Reiki
The great thing about Reiki is that you can use it any time, any place, for a minute or for ... Read More
That day, so many years ago, changed my whole outlook on life. Whenever I start to worry about the “what ... Read More
It’s a Tuesday evening July 12, 1988, New England, around 7 pm… As my brother and are clearing the table, ... Read More
The sacred truth of the 6th chakra is this: Seek only the truth. Continually search for the difference between truth ... Read More
There are many reasons why we get the calling to be a teacher. My calling came one morning when I found ... Read More
As healers and teachers it is important for us to know, when we can truly help someone or when they ... Read More
Would you let a stranger perform an energy healing on you in the middle of a coffee shop?
Would you let a stranger perform an energy healing on you in the middle of a coffee shop? What if ... Read More
How to use crystal for chakra healing
Chakras help us understand where we are losing power, when we are losing power, why we are losing power, and ... Read More
How to build crystals grids
Crystal grids are created by combining different crystals and laying them out in specific patterns. Grids follow the law of ... Read More
How to program and manifest with crystals -
Programming a crystal simply means infusing the crystal with your intention so that you and the crystal can work together ... Read More
How to choose a crystal -
Choosing which crystal to bring home can seem like a daunting task.  With so many crystal out there, how do ... Read More
Crystal Healing Wand Toolmaker
Everything in our world is in a state of vibration. A crystal may look solid, but down at the atomic ... Read More
Yoga for good posture
The other day I had one of those “mother knows best moments” when I realized that the pestering I received ... Read More
Yoga to become present
All of us remember the “first”. The first kiss, the first concert, the first job, the first car and so ... Read More
Spiritual aspects of yoga
The original purpose of yoga was spiritual in nature and it was only recently that the relative position of postures ... Read More
yoga for focus
A few weeks ago, I was at a supermarket pushing my bulky cart through the aisles. A woman tried to ... Read More
In the afternoon of April 15, 2013, I was a hysterical mess, in the evening, I became Reiki ... Read More
how to dell if the teacher is right for me
Choosing the right spiritual teacher or school is critical. With plenty of teachers and programs to choose from, proper diligence ... Read More
how to stay on spiritual course
Understanding why students quit requires an understating of the dynamics of such classes. Programs that seek to raise consciousness levels ... Read More
Breathing technique to find balance
Next time you find yourself reacting strongly to change, or feeling anxious, give this breathing technique a try and see ... Read More
Try it! No matter what mood you are in right now, smile. I bet you will feel better in just ... Read More
how can energy healing help me
Energy Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that works with the body’s subtle energy to facilitate our body’s ... Read More
get Reiki Healer Certification
"What the certificate says: Shilah Sarkissian has attained the status of Reiki Master. What my heart says is: thank you ... Read More


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