How to program and manifest with crystals -

Programming and manifesting with crystals

How to program and manifest with crystals

Programming a crystal simply means infusing the crystal with your intention so that you and the crystal can work together for the highest good.

As a general rule, only quartz crystals are programmable. Other crystals, such as selenite and hematite already have a specific program, white light and grounding, respectively. Such crystals cannot be reprogrammed for a purpose other than the one for which they were created.

Intention is key

When programming a crystal, your intention and your choices have to be clear. Think about what is it that you are trying to do. What is the energy you want to receive? What does having this energy or object even mean to you? How do you see it happening? Why do you want to create it? What is the purpose?

Write these down on a piece of paper, sign your name and hold the paper and the crystal in your hand(s). If you are holding a crystal with both hands, then place your piece of paper between the palm of your dominant hand and the crystal. Close your eyes and feel yourself having your intention manifested, feel yourself being in this change. How do you feel? Do you like the change or are you apprehensive about it? Examine, understand and if need be – resolve your feelings.

It is very important that you work together with your crystal in a process of co-creation. If you just tell the crystal “do such and such for me,” or “bring such and such into my life” without doing anything on your end, then you are giving your power away to the crystal. In such a case, at best, nothing will happen.

I also recommend that whenever you program a crystal, you include a statement that the program is to work for “the highest and best good of all life and soul with ease and grace.” This little “disclaimer” acts as a buffer against any wording mistakes you might make, especially when you first start to work with crystals. It can also protect you in case it turns out, unbeknownst to you, that your program is ultimately not in your own best interest.

Ways to program

The shape of the crystal can determine the way you program. The setting of the intention is the same regardless of the shape, what varies is: the program type, the way you input your program into the crystal and the number of programs each crystal can store.

quartz always has 6 facesPoint: You can program each side for a specific purpose. For example, a quartz crystal has six sides, so you can program six separate programs into it. My personal preference is to have only one program per crystal. Once you set your intention, place two fingers on the face of the crystal (the flat part on the top), concentrate, focus on your intention, inhale the intention and exhale it into the crystal. Then push up and out with the fingers sealing the intention within the crystal.

how to program a crystal sphereSphere:  A sphere can hold an unlimited number of programs but the programs themselves should be more of the general variety. For example, a program for a point could be as specific as getting a particular job, while a program for a sphere could be as general as “world peace.” When programming a sphere, place both hands around the sphere, set your intention, concentrate, focus on your intention, inhale the intention and exhale it into the crystal.

how to program quartz crystal clusterCluster: Each crystal within a cluster may be given its own program, or you can input a single program into an entire cluster, asking all points in the cluster to work together. When programming each point separately, use the same method as you would for an individual point but be sure that the programs are compatible with each other as they will be sharing a common base. To program the cluster as a whole thought form, place your left hand under its base while covering as many points as possible with your right hand. In the same way as you would program a point or a sphere, set your intention, concentrate, focus on your intention, inhale the intention and exhale it into the crystal.

Re-clearing or re-programming

I am often asked, “How often should I re-program my crystal?” This depends on how much a crystal is used and also the type of energies around it. A crystal that is programmed for a more active purpose will need to be reprogrammed sooner, while one that has a more passive program will retain its program for a longer period of time. If a crystal is placed in an area that has a lot of “unpleasant” energies or there are a lot of people near it (such as in an office with a lot of foot traffic) then it will also need to be cleared and programmed more often than say a crystal by your bedside.

Below are some clearing and reprogramming guidelines:

Office: weekly/biweekly or after a hard day.

Jewelry: daily cleaning, reprogramming.

Home: clear after guests leave, reprogram after clearing.  Crystals that are outside are generally automatically cleared by moonlight.

Sickness: if someone in your home falls ill, the crystals will naturally absorb some of that energy. Clear the crystals once the person recovers or for a long term illness, clear them at any regular interval that feels appropriate to you.

What if nothing happens

This is a common question too: “I programmed my crystal and nothing happened, why isn’t working?”

In this case, ask yourself: What is not working? How do you know that “nothing happened?” What kind of proof are you looking for? Are you looking for thunder and lightning?

Remember, the universe can communicate in a very subtle manner. Be conscious and vigilant, look for small signs.

Also, you may be your biggest obstacle. Process your feelings, look at why it is not happening, what are your thoughts? What are your blocks? What are you doing to make it happen or to prevent it from happening? Take appropriate actions to heal yourself and then reprogram the crystal.

Everyone has an opinion

Especially as you first start working with crystals, you may hear differing advice from various sources, each one saying that their way is the best or the only correct way. I recommend that you use your intuition and discernment and do what feels right to you at the time. Use the above recommendations as a starting point but ultimately follow your own inner guidance.

Have fun!

The most important thing about working with crystals is to have fun. Enjoy their energy and playfulness. As long as your intention comes from love and is for the highest and greatest good, you cannot go wrong, at least as far as crystals are concerned.

Attend a workshop or schedule a private healing session!


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