Why people experience bad trips with cannabis

Dear friends. I am happy to be here with you again, sharing the love and stories of my experience working with cannabis as plant medicine.

I have been using cannabis as plant medicine for about five years. Throughout this time, I never had a negative experience with her. Don’t misunderstand, it is not always wine and roses, so to speak. I have had very deep and emotionally heavy experiences while journeying with cannabis. I have also seen a number of my clients go deep into their medicine journeys, often times crying or experiencing physical discomfort. But neither myself nor those working with me have experienced what we often refer in the lay circle to as a “bad trip.”

I was curious about this “bad trip” thing so one day, about half way into my journey, I asked the spirit of cannabis: why is it that some people go into an amazing meditation with you while others experience unpleasant paranoia and other aspects of a “bad trip.”. She told me this:

“I am a Guide and a Teacher. I will take you where you want to go. If you want to go learn, I will teach you. If you want to block yourself from healing, I will play with your mind. If you want to live in lower vibrations, sure, I’ll take you into the dark forest and show you the monsters who live there. If you want to see the light, we will fly. It’s up to you where we go. I am a guide and a teacher, but as with any loving teacher, the choice to grow and heal is left up to the student.”

I absolutely love this message and I want to share it with you. Remember, cannabis is a plant, it is alive and its spirit is just like a spirit of a person. Treat it like a friend and a teacher. Use it wisely and with intent. If you regularly experience unpleasant emotional side effects, ask yourself, what is it about myself that I am ignoring? What aspect of me is trying to come out and ask for help? What am I hiding from myself? Perhaps it’s time to take control of my life, my journey my healing process. Can cannabis help me learn, heal, grow?

If the answer is yes, sit down quietly perhaps even by yourself. Think about what is it that you would like cannabis to help you with. Turn on your favorite music, do some simple breathing exercises and invite the spirit of cannabis to be your guide and teacher. Then close your eyes, smoke and allow the spirit of cannabis to take you on your own private healing journey. When you are done with your meditation, thank cannabis and allow yourself a day or two to integrate the experience. The answer you are looking for may not come to you right away, but I can almost guarantee that within several days you will receive some clarity.


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