Pinklight Project with guest Dina Kleiman

Past lives, ancestral karma, crystals, energetic attachments…

Recently I was invited as a guest on Pinklight Project to talk about past lives, ancestral karma, crystals, energetic attachments, singing bowls and other topics relating to energy healing.

I hope you enjoy this video and do check out the other Pinklight Project videos especially Amanda’s interview The Laughing Yogi .



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  • Brian Koonce

    05/22/20178:35 PM Reply to Brian

    Wonderful video Dina! Thanks for sharing! Being a lover of history, I especially found the history perspective extremely interesting and intriguing. This video also reminded me how much I need to schedule another session with you in the coming weeks… thanks for all you do for us, your humble & grateful clients, and thanks for being you!

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