Opinion squared

I have an opinion about opinionated people. I deeply respect them. Because it’s not easy to have an opinion. Especially about everything. It takes a lot of energy.

First you have to take in some information. Or pretend to take in some information. Then you have to take what you think you just heard and compare it to what you already know.  That means you have to access everything you know, lay it next to what you just heard or saw and find a match. If an exact match is not possible then you need to find a most likely match. Sometimes it takes several iterations of running your past knowledge through the brain processor to get there. If you get there, that is. Sometimes you don’t. And in this case the brain freaks out and created an I -don’t-know-wtf-thise-is-so-don’t-like-it. Also known fear. This causes all sorts of hormones to fire up thus using up more energy and creating a fight or flight situation which requires a response, hence more energy.

Opinionated people, deep bow to you. I can’t do that today. I don’t have the energy. I just ate a vegan pumpkin musaka at a restaurant with no menu, was served by a barefoot waiter, sat on the floor, scratched a mosquito bite on my butt (bastards) all the while staring at a kitten playing with a blue ball. And then I went to the bathroom barefoot and used one of those water hose thingies instead of TP*. I need to rest.

*I wrote this while visiting a small island in Thailand, hence the barefoot waiter and lack of TP.


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