messages from angels and unseen friendsHello and welcome to Musings and Meditations section of my blog.

I must say, this is my favorite section of this blog. It is because here I get to feature my channeled writings. I channel an angelic being who calls herself Raja. If you are not quite sure what channeling is, click here to read all about it.

Briefly I will say this: when I channel, I allow my own spirit to step aside and in its place I invite in Raja. I am able to do this safely because I have a special bond with her and I trust her completely. In fact, for certain things I trust her more than I do myself. This is because Raja is pure light and love and I… well… I am human with everything this entails, including light and love.

To be able to channel is a great gift to me because I get to experience angelic energy in its full intimacy. And it is a gift to Raja too because she gets to explore our world, teach us and learn from us. It’s truly a co-creation based on love and trust between me, a physical being and Raja, an angelic, non physical being.

Raja also plays an integral role during my reading and healing sessions. She is a wise teacher who whispers in my ear whenever I or my client need help or guidance.

This section also includes guided meditations and various musings about our existence that came to me while I was communicating with spirit.

Scroll down to read each article. If a particular article moves you or if you have a question, please drop me a note in the comments section. I read and value each and every comment.

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Life’s purpose

So many people tell me that only if they knew their purpose, then they would be happy and at peace. But what if ... Read More

Diving into the abyss

Last night I dreamed of a bird. A fluffy little bird that flew from bush to bush, pollinating the flowers. The bird whistled ... Read More
meditation to hep me ground and connect to Gaia

Why being energetically ungrounded is dangerous

We often try to escape our physicality by focusing on our spirituality because it feels so good to be connecting to the energy ... Read More

Meditation to cleanse your energy

This week's blog is a guided meditation, YEY! I like to perform this meditation whenever I am feeling stressed and overly impacted by ... Read More
How to establish personal space and create energetic boundaries

How to create energetic boundaries

When you fear or dislike a person because they are different from you, understand that you are falling into an illusion. You fear ... Read More
meditation to find yourself

The Magic of Meditation

What if, suddenly, every to-do list disappeared, dissolved, dissipated, disintegrated… leaving behind… just the YOU. Naked, shivering, blinded by the light, but nonetheless ... Read More
are my emotions valid

Are you weird by not feeling how you think you should feel

Even those of you who are world travelers, angels in the human body who have come to rely on yourself and yourself alone ... Read More
why do bad things happen to me

Why do bad things happen to good people

Why is that even when we treat people kindly, eat consciously and recycle, we still struggle to make ends meet, we still have ... Read More

How crystals find their keepers – the journey of a Lemurian Quartz

He told me that I was never the intended keeper for him, rather I was just a part of his journey to his ... Read More

The Goddess

Your journey is not to reach the level of a Goddess or be like a Goddess. You are the Goddess! You are the ... Read More

On trying something new

When I handed in my sheet music, the teacher almost fell off his chair laughing. Apparently the music was not for the piano ... Read More

What my third eye sees

Chakras as viewed through the third eye. Or what an energy healer "sees" ... Read More

Man plans, God laughs… Dream and all will be alright

Allow the goals to be flexible, like smoke. Sometimes clearly formed yet at other times, translucent almost to the point of invisibility ... Read More

Why “female sexuality” and “male power and authority”?

I wonder, how much do our current values and preconceptions shadow our interpretation of history? ... Read More

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