Meditation to cleanse your energy

This week I would like to share with you two things:

1.  Recorded meditation designed to help you clear your aura and establish energetic boundaries.

2. Written script of a variation of this meditation.

I know some of you like to read, while others like to listen so thought I’d share both. The recording was made earlier this year during one of my meditation workshops. The subject of the workshop was “Managing your energy so that you do not get pulled into other people’s drama.”

I like to perform this meditation whenever I am feeling stressed and overly impacted by other people’s energy. It is my go-to tool to cleanse myself after large gatherings, stressful situations, visiting unfamiliar places and after a hard day at the office. I find it timely now as we approach the chaos of the holiday season.

Click below to listen to the recording and scroll down to read the script.


Gold Bubble Meditation

Find a comfortable and quiet spot to sit and close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then resume your normal breathing, keeping it slow and steady.

Take your attention to your heart center and imagine a gold light beginning to glow, right in your heart center. It may look like a gold candle flame or a marble size ball of gold light.

With each breath you take, visualize this light growing and expanding. Now it is the size of a bowling ball, now it is the size of a balloon. Watch as it keeps expanding with every breath. Now it is two feet across, three feet across, four feet, five feet. With each breath the gold light keeps growing. Now you are surrounded in a bubble of gold light. And this bubble still keeps growing, expanding until it surrounds you and the space around you in gold light.

Once the edges of the bubble reach three feet away from your body in all directions, allow your gold bubble to remain this size and use your third eye to look inside the bubble. Do you see any holes, shapes or objects that do not belong in your gold bubble? If so, use your exhale to push them out and away. Be sure to look in all directions, above, below, in front, behind, on both sides. If you see anything there that does not belong, push it out and away.

Now take a look at your body inside the gold bubble. Your body should look like a glowing gold statue. If you see anything on your body that is not pure gold light, push it out with your breath. Take as many breaths as you need to fully cleanse your body.

Now scan the outside of your bubble. Do you see any cords, threads or attachments trying to “plug into” your bubble? If so, imagine large gold scissors cutting those cords, threads or attachments and as each one is cut, visualize it dropping away from your bubble. Look on the entire outer perimeter of your gold bubble and cut away anything and everything that should not be there.

Once you are done, spend a few minutes enjoying your clean, fresh, clear space. Notice how it feels to be surrounded by pure gold light, to be the pure gold light. Notice how it feels to be attachment free.  Breathe in the freedom, the safety, and the lightness.

Then, slowly blink your eyes open. Before you get up and go about your day, tune into yourself once more and notice how you feel.


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