Life’s purpose

I as embark on my big journey to Thailand and beyond, I want to say thank you. Just thank you. For everything and yet for nothing in particular. For simply just existing. For holding up your end of the agreement of coming to earth and for showing up every day to face this human existence.

You did not have to do it. You could have stayed in the great realm of the spirit. Remaining what you truly are, a collection of energy suspended in the big void. Yet you chose to come to earth to be one among your brothers and sisters. To provide comfort and hold space for those you love. And to receive love from those who love you.

That last one may sometimes be hard to accept. But know that you are indeed loved. And know that life does not have to be complicated. Love does not have to be complicated. All you need to do is wake up everyday and do your best to be present for yourself and for others.  We are here to simply be. And to hopefully learn something… anything.

So many people tell me that only if they knew their purpose, then they would be happy and at peace. But what if your purpose was to simply be a human being… the best possible version of yourself at the time? What if your legacy was not money, real estate, books or children? What if your legacy was the energy you carried while you were here? What if your legacy was the smiles you evoked in other people and the tears you witnessed as you held them in your arms. And what if their legacy was your smiles and your tears. Can you accept that life, truth and happiness are simple?

Do you remember that one day long ago, when you said hello to stranger who looked lost? Did you know that on that day you actually saved his life? And that at one time a stranger saved your life? The distance between life and death can fit within an atom. And I don’t mean only physical life and death. What I mean is spiritual, emotional, and energetic life and death.

Have you ever felt dead inside? Have you ever consciously killed a part of yourself to allow the rest of you to live. How quick and easy was that? And how long and painful was it to recover, to regenerate, to rebirth yourself? Why is death so easy and birth hard? Who came up with the idea that it has to be so? Someone did.

A long time ago, someone decided that live has to be hard. That living has to be painful. That suffering exists and therefore it must be experienced. Who was that person? Have you met him or her? Was that person you?

Ask yourself, what was it that you accepted as the ultimate truth? Who taught it to you? And is this still true for you today? And then let it go. Return it into the void. Let the spring coil back onto itself and come to stillness.

Take a deep breath in and ask for stillness. For a split part of a second, feel that stillness. Feel yourself. Forgive yourself for any indiscretion you may have made in the moment of pain or happiness. Thank yourself for taking on this journey. Thank yourself for having the knowledge, power and ability to breathe. Thank the earth for creating space for your breath.

I honor you and I thank you for being on this journey with me. Together we do make a difference. One breath at a time.



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