What it's like to be a hynotherapist

Hypnotherapy through the eyes of a hypnotherapist

What it's like to be a hynotherapistThe other day I made a huge discovery: it is freakin’ awesome to hear someone tell you exactly what they think and feel. It happened during a hypnotherapy session. A client wanted to figure out her true thoughts and feeling about a particular subject and asked me to put her under hypnosis. My job was to hold space, be judgement free, and ask questions. Her job was simply to talk. At one moment I realized what unique position I was in. I was in a space with an adult who allowed her true feelings to come through without concern of what I will think of her or even what she will think of her.

Once we leave out early childhood years, we acquire so many filters and concerns. We so often sensor ourselves so that we may appear how we want to appear to others and especially to ourselves. Hypnotherapy, when done right and with a person we trust, allows us to remove those filters and get down to our true thoughts and feelings.

In my own healing process I have been under hypnosis many times and I found it to be a useful way to sort out my thoughts and get to know myself. I never realized how awesome it is to be on the other end, to hold space for someone and to hear the truth, no matter how seemingly ugly or painful.


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