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How to use crystals for healing

Crystal Healing Wand ToolmakerEverything in our world is in a state of vibration. A crystal may look solid, but down at the atomic level it is in constant motion. Humans are also in constant state of flux. Our vibrations change according to our experiences, thoughts and feelings. Once our vibrations become out of balance, we attract illness. Unlike a human being, crystals vibrate at a very specific and steady rate. ​We can connect with the steady vibration of crystals to help our bodies return to their optimal state of vibration, thus facilitation healing. Using a crystal or a combination of crystals can help to balance, strengthen and align the energy centers of your body, helping to keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies strong and working in unison to achieve optimal health. Using crystals does not have to be complex or mysterious. It can be a simple as placing a crystal at your office desk or to carrying one around with you.

Here are some common and simple uses for your crystals.

Wear on the body

Carry with you

Program it with affirmations

Keep under a pillow or on the nightstand

Use in the bath or showerhealing with crystals

Use while meditating

Place around the Home or office

Make Gem Water

Clear and balance Chakras

Lets take a deeper look at how to use crystals.

Wear crystals

One way use crystals is to wear them. Even those who have no conscious knowledge of crystal healing will intuitively select jewelry with crystals whose healing properties are proper to his or her healing needs at this time.

In most cases the type of the crystal chose is more important than the location you place it on the body as the healing energy will go where the healing is needed.

If you choose to be more specific regarding where you want the healing energy to go, then use the length of a chain or cord as a guide.  For example, a pendant or necklace resting at the throat chakra will have the greatest effect on areas governed by the throat chakra. The same stone worn lower down by the the heart will have a greater effect on issues and areas governed by the heart chakra. In either case through, the crystal will still provide energy to your entire physical body.

Program a crystal

Programming a crystal simply means infusing the crystal with your intention so that you and the crystal can work together for the highest good.  When programming a crystal, think about what is it that you are trying to do.  What is the energy you want to receive? What does having this energy or object or event mean to you?  How do you see it happening?  Why do you want to create it? What is the purpose?   Write these down on piece of paper, sign your name to it and put this paper under the crystal. Then, feel yourself having this change, feel your self being in this change.  Click here to read more about programming crystals.

Place under a pillow or by the bed

Certain crystals can help with sleep problems like insomnia while other crystals have properties to aid in dream recall and astral travel.   Azurite, amethyst, or sugilite will help you to dream move vividly. Garnet or amethyst will help to remember your dreams. Black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or hematite will help you calm down and fall asleep.  Pay attention when using crystals in your bedroom.  Some crystals such as Moldavite have such high vibrations that they may actually keep you awake.

Use in the bath or shower

I like to place crystals around the edge of my tub or shower.  Selenite is my favorite shower/tub crystal because it surrounds my space with white light and also cleanses the energy o the water.

Please note that some crystals, such as selenite will eventually melt when immersed in water.  Do not use selenite directly in your tub, place it outside of your tub instead.  Clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst are also great for use at bath times.  These cannot be damaged by water but I still recommend that you place them by the tub instead of directly in the water.

Use while meditating

Crystals are great meditation aids.  Place the crystal in front of you or hold it in your hands.  Amethyst is my favorite meditation crystal.

Grid your home or office

Place crystals throughout your home or office to add harmony, balance and light.  You can grid your actual house or you can grid a diagram of the layout of your house.  I like to place tourmaline and selenite by my front door to keep out low vibrating energies and a rose quartz inside the home to fill my space with love and harmony.  Use your intuition of follow Feng Shui recommendations.  Click here to read about crystal grids.

Make Gem Water

A Gem Water is a liquid form of a crystal’s energy patterns. Gem Essences are made by placing a crystal next to a glass/pitcher of water overnight.  Avoid placing crystals directly into water as some may contain chemicals that can be toxic when taken internally.  You can also glue crystals to the outside of your water bottle, creating a portable gem water maker.

Clear and balance chakras

Chakras are energy centers or vortexes which run down the length of your spine. When your chakras are healthy, balanced and open, you feel happy, calm, at peace. But when the energy highway through your body gets blocked, you feel out of sorts, worried, stressed, angry, unable to concentrate, depressed, achy, sluggish, have problems with digestion, back pain, and feel generally unwell.  If I feel a particular chakra working overtime, I’ll wear jewelry with a crystal for the chakra or I’ll carry a little crystal in my purse or pocket.  Or I will lie down and place the crystal directly on the chakra.  When performing Energy Healing on clients I will incorporate crystals that are appropriate to that person’s journey.

Use as a healing wand to send energy to yourself or another person

Once you know how to channel healing energy, such as Reiki, you can then use a crystal to amplify and send energy to yourself, another person, a group of people, a pet, a plant or situation. I use a number of different wands depending on the need. Some of my favorites are Citrine, Lemurian Quartz and the Selenite wand you see on the above photograph, custom made by my friend and tool maker, Angelo.

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