How to build crystals grids

How to build crystals grids

How to build crystals grids

Crystal grids are created by combining different crystals and laying them out in specific patterns.

Grids follow the law of synergy – unity is greater than sum of its parts. For this reason, grids can  be more powerful than using a single crystal for an intended goal.

You can use grids for people, pets, objects, rooms, areas, indoors, outdoors, in gardens, around water, around potted plants, the uses for grids are limitless. A grid can be used for a simple goal like enhancing your sleep quality to something more elaborate – like helping wild dolphins.

Guidelines for making a crystal grid

The same general rule applies for grids as for individual crystals – have a clear intention and trust your intuition.

Decide on your purpose for the grid. Your clear intention is the key element in empowering the stones’ energy. Your intention is what you will use to charge the crystals.​

Write your intention on a piece of paper (or on the back of a picture that depicts your goal).

Find a safe location to create your grid where it will not be disturbed. Cleanse the energy of the space. Flowers, incense, music, candles can be used to add ambiance to your sacred space.

Place your crystal layout in a geometric pattern.

Program the grid for your intended purpose. Programming grids works the same way as programming individual crystals: you must have a clear understanding of your intention, the purpose of the grid and the desired outcome.

Relax and center yourself.

Visualize your goal having already been achieved with a calm mind and positive intention.

Say a prayer of gratitude.

Selecting crystals to include in a grid

The same process that applies to choosing a crystal applies here. Either select crystals based on their metaphysical and healing properties or use your intuition and select the combination of crystals that feels right. Have fun, as long as your intention comes from love and is for the highest and greatest good, you cannot go wrong in either selecting one crystal or a combination of crystals.

​Grid ideas

Draw a layout of your house on a piece of paper and use your intuition to place crystals within the layout.  Or grid the actual house, placing crystals throughout the house with the intention of them working in unison.

Draw or print out a geometric shape that appeals to you and place crystals withing that shape.

Grid a person. Have a person lie down and place crystals on or around the her.

​Use crystals as recommended by Feng Shui. You may place the crystals in the actual rooms or within a diagram of your home.

Taking down the grid

Your decision as to when to take down your grid depends on the purpose of the grid. Some grids may only be up for a day or a week.  For example, you may have put together a grid for safe travel. Once the person reaches her destination you may take down the grid, as its purpose had been accomplished. When I teach a Reiki Certification class, I put up a grid the night before the training and take it down a day or two after the training. I also have grids that I created for the purpose of maintaining good energy in my home. These are more or less permanent. I take them down for clearing whenever I feel there is a need and once they are cleansed, I generally will rebuild them.

Grid purposes and crystal combinations are endless and are only limited by your imagination. The best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice and have fun!

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