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“I have had Dina come to two of my homes and spiritually clean both of them.

The first one was because there was an uncomfortable feeling in the back bedroom where my husband and I slept. It was more than the feeling of someone watching me. It got to the point where I could not sleep in my room anymore and my husband and I were sleeping in the living room on the couches!!!

We had someone come in previous to Dina and explain the situation which was helpful. Although it did not clear up the situation. Once we had Dina come in and work on our home the problem in our back bedroom was gone and we could sleep in our bed again. We lived in the home another year without any other things happening and we loved where we lived!

Eventually, we did have to move to a larger home. After about 6 months we had Dina come over to Spiritual Clean and Bless our new home. I had always felt funny on the stairs, like uneasy. After Dina visited, I no longer felt that way and I love my new place!

Dina is so wonderful and explaining what she is doing, seeing and feeling. You can hang out with her and go from room to room or not. I love that! I feel blessed to be able to have Dina raise the vibration in my home and have her show me how to do things moving forward on my own. She is amazing, gifted and knowledgeable!!!”
Bonnie, Aliso Viejo, CA

Everything that happens in a building – thoughts, actions, emotions, are imprinted into the building’s energy.  Energetic remnants of arguments, illnesses, traumas, stress and other upsetting energies (or even entities) can linger in the building long after the actual unsettling event took place.

House Clearing is a process similar to a physical house cleaning but at an energetic level.  Just like the furniture needs to be dusted and the floors washed, a house’s energy needs to be cleared from time to time.  There are many ways to clear the energy of a home or office, burning sage is one of the simplest methods.  However, sometimes the energetic “dirt” buildup becomes so heavy that a professional needs to be called in.

There are many reasons people choose to call in professional “space clearers”.  Real Estate agents ask for a house energy clearing prior to listing the property, as to make the energy more attractive to potential buyers.   Business executives call in for space clearing prior when embarking on a new business project.  Clearing space before moving into a new home or office is always a good idea as it ensures that the energetic imprints of the previous owners’ arguments, stresses and diseases do not impact your space.

Did you know that used/antique furniture or clothes can bring with them outside energies, so if you are collector, consider having a house clearing performed regularly.

There are times when an entity or a very strong energetic imprint will settle into a space, making the environment physically uncomfortable. If this happens you may notice:

Poor sleep at home, good sleep away from homeGhosts in a home
Re-occurring pest problems: ants, mice, wasps etc..
Feelings of being watched, especially at night
Unexplained noises or seeing things out of the corner of your eye
Children are having nightmares
Pets act out for no apparent reason
Children are afraid to sleep alone or refuse to go into certain areas
There are cold areas which can’t be explained
There are unexplained smells
You have areas where plants or vegetables won’t grow well
It feels that you just can’t seem to make or keep the place tidy
Young children always end up sleeping in a cramped position in the be

Dina is a trained clairvoyant medium and a healer.  She will not need to know any information other than your personal experiences.

If you are currently living in this house, then those who are experiencing the phenomena will be asked to be present.  However, if any member of your family is not in support of a house clearing, then that person should not attend the ceremony.  Anyone who does not live in the home does not need to be there.  House clearing is a very private and healing ceremony where less is more.

Dina will begin by walking through your home and tuning into its energetic vibrations.  She will then choose an area of the home in which to perfroem the clearing ceremony.  Everyone who is participating in the clearing process with gather together at this time.  Dina will discuss with you what is happening in the home on the unseen level, why it is so attracted to your home  and how you can avoid recreating it.

After the clearing, you will walk through every room feeling the change in energy.  Dina will also discuss specific steps you can do so that you can keep the positive energy in your home or office as long as possible.

A house clearing can be a very enlightening, empowering and healing experience!

Price: $350 for up to 90 minutes, additional time is $175 per hour (prorated)*

*Total price depends on the size of your home/office and the severity of the issue. Additional charge may apply for travel. Contact Dina for more information.




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