Hapé Ceremonies

Hapé or Rapé ( ‘ha-peh’ in English) is a sacred and legal (non hallusinogenic) plant medicine that comes from the indigenous people of the Amazon.

It is a snuff that is administered into the nostrils by blowing through a little pipe called Tepi. It may cause stinging, coughing, sweating, release of phlegm and saliva. If the person is in need of a deep healing, purging may also take place, though this is rare. All of these sensations are an integral part of the healing process.

Hapé assists with grounding, deep relaxation, clearing of the mind and connection to your inner light. It helps to align your mind, body and spirit, increase your awareness and intuition, balance and open all your chakras, and release any sickness especially on the emotional and spiritual levels.

“I had many troublesome things going on in my life. I did not know where to even start the healing process. Hape helped me to work out so many things: heal my inner child, address my ancestral karmic issues, release the unhealthy connection to my mother and replace it with a loving connection, grow my confidence, improve communications with people around me, grow my spirituality, heal my body, you name it! I am no longer anxious all the time and I can deal with people in a calm way. Before I started healing with Hape, every day was a struggle because every little thing that happened to me would throw me off my balance. I used to spend my day fighting anxiety and negative thoughts and I could not get any work done. My personal relationships suffered. Now I am finally feeling like myself. I have not felt this complete and in my body for 20 years. Thank you! I am forever a fan and one day I would like to learn how to offer this medicine to other people.” James 

Hapé powder is hand ground by a special medicine man or woman. The exact list of ingredients is specific to the medicine person and his or her tribe, but generally it includes a variety of jungle grown tobacco, various herbs and ashes. The Hapé medicine that I use in made by the Kaxinawa and Yawanawa tribes. It is very high quality, pure and potent. I regularly use it on myself and on my family members.

I have been working closely with Hapé, both in private and in group sessions and have seen it facilitate incredible shifts in people. I have had a number of clients for whom Hapé played an integral role in ending their “dark night of the soul.” The most common feedback I get from clients is that Hapé significantly helped them deal with their anxiety.

Hapé has been and continues to be an important part of my own healing process and this is the reason I offer it to you. If you wish to receive Hapé, please do the following:

  • Come with an open mind and be willing to receive. Know that you are in a safe space. My intention, as with any healing is that everything that takes place will be for your highest and best good.
  • Have an intention of what you would like to release and receive.
  • I recommend that you do not book any business appointments directly after the ceremony. Your body, mind and soul may need to relax.
  • Be sure your stomach is empty. Do not eat meat for at least 6 hours and please fast for two hours prior to receiving Hapé. Water is ok.


Private and small group ceremonies are available. Contact me for more info.

I asked some of my clients to share their experiences with Hapé. Read on:

“So I tried plant medicine for the first time in my life. I’ve avoided this journey for a while because I was afraid that it might be toxic to my body, a little too intense. There was immediate darkness when I felt the medicine. The darkness wasn’t scary, in fact it reminded me of a similar experience I had a couple years ago right before I got into an accident that totaled my car. No space. No time. Only a sensation of the heart. Like the sensation I had when my daughter was born. It’s taken me a few days to process the shift but I can feel the change. As someone who has been really good at masking years of chronic anxiety, I can now say that my energetic body has been redirected. The addiction to anxiety in my life might have been quiet but it was the loudest most debilitating struggle I have faced. For the first time, I feel grounded and connected to this Earth. My breath feels deeper. My heart feels softer. #facingfears #wisdom #heal #trust” Shireen


“Hape helps me to be more focused. It is a lot easier for me to remember things and to find my words when I’m teaching… like a ton of brain fog has been lifted. I feel so sharp and focused now… such a great feeling.”  Lesley 


“Hape has changed my life. When I took Hape I realized that I am never still, always moving, always doing something and never really relaxing. Hape showed me how to be still and how to relax all of my muscles. Now I know what it feels like to have an empty, thought free mind and I can find that peace in my daily meditations.” Irina


“For the first time in my life my body and my brain found stillness. There was no thought, no doing. I was simply being. It was beautiful. I now know what peace feels like and I can bring it into my life even without the medicine.”  Greg





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