Group Energy Healing

Transcendental Healing of the Soul – a group event

“My experience at the Healing Circle was very positive. I could physically feel the energy from both Healers.  I went to the event with intention of learning how to heal from my illness. Instead, I  was told that my illness is a distraction for a decision I need to make. It’s obvious to me what the decision is, now I just need to woman up and make it.” Jeannette, San Juan Capistrano

I felt a deep relaxation with the meditation, singing bowls and chanting.  The group energy was a powerful experience. I will and have recommended future sessions to my friends.” Alan, San Clemente

Transcendental Healing of the Soul is a group energy healing event where like-minded people gather together to give and receive energy work.

During a group healing, the energies of all participants and facilitators work in synergy to create a majestic healing force. Each session is unique and depends on the intentions and goals of the group. It is a powerful and a cost effective way to receive energy healing and connect to your spirit.

Both, private sessions and group healings have their place in your journey of healing.  During a private session, the focus is on your individual goals and intentions. During a group session, the focus is on the collective goals and intentions.

I have teamed up with my fellow energy healer, MayLynne. Together, we regularly facilitate Transcendental Healing of the Soul events at Awakenings Center for Spiritual Living in Laguna Hills and at Awakening Center at Visions and Dreams in Costa Mesa.

Join us to receive chakra balancing, aura cleansing, Reiki energy healing, sound vibration healing, crystal healing, channeled meditation, chanting and singing. Leave felling connected, rejuvenated, balanced, happy and at peace.

Interested in joining us?  We would love to see you.  Check out our classes and workshops schedule for dates and times and to register.

NOTE: This event tends to sell out and tickets may not be available at the door.




Tibetan bowls

Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls

Group Energy and Sound Healing

Energy Healing Circle


“I just wanted to share the experience I had the other night at group healing. It was a very nice evening and I did see a golden globe, like when the sun sets and several times I saw flashes of white light. I thought for sure my back was going to give me problems from laying on the floor, and it was a pleasant surprise that it did not. Thank you again for a nice evening.” Debbie, Laguna Niguel

In this video I show you what a private sound healing session with Tibetan Bowls looks like. Here I am using my seven chakra bowl set. These bowls were hand made and tuned in Nepal.








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