The Goddess

Moon and Sun GoddessSit up straight, chest forward, stomach in. Chin up.

Be proud. Be powerful. Be you.

How do you expect your Kundalini to rise if you keep slouching and looking down? What is down there anyway? Anything good? Didn’t think so!

Remember, your journey is not to reach the level of a Goddess or be like a Goddess.

You are the Goddess!

You are the Goddess who stepped into a human form. Never forget that.

To the Goddess, criticism is just sound turned into words. It is heard, sometimes received, perhaps respected and at times taken into account – if it leads to personal growth.

The Goddess never turns another being’s words into a knife or a noose designed to stifle herself or another. For she trusts her own experience without question. She is confident of her own knowledge without validation. She bathes in her innate power without fear or reservation.

For the Goddess an opportunity to uplift and support another Goddess is a great gift. She lifts herself up by lifting up her sisters, who in turn lift her up.

Cockroaches scurry around and fight for limited resources. But the zero sum concept is foreign to the Goddess. To her, abundance is unlimited, the universe is bountiful, and freedom is unbound.

She will take and she will give without reservation, self-pity, expectation or resentment. If she does not get what she needs now, she knows it will come to her eventually. If not here then somewhere else, if not at this time, then later.

She has no concept of time nor its limits that humans self-impose. She is ageless. With years she blooms and her power grows. Look at an 80 year old Goddess. You will see more life, more beauty, more love than in a 20 year old. Find such Goddess and she will make you cry with tears of joy and freedom.

Who creates the Goddess? Love. What creates the Goddess? Confidence.

So chin up, back straight. Never forget what you are, who you are, and what you came here to do.

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