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The chakra methodology forms the basis of my healing work. When I work with any client- new client, old client, privately or in a group- the first thing that I do is examine that person’s chakras. Part of this examination is performed intuitively, though my reading of a person’s energy. Part of it is performed through talking to the client and asking questions about her experiences, illnesses, family life, dreams, and intentions.

To me, chakras tell a story about where the person has been, what energies the person has brought into the room, and what energies the person has left in their past. I capture this story the best I can and then I tell it back to the client, to help her understand herself, her patterns, blocks, intentions, and so on. Having this information allows the client to make educated choices about where she wants her life to take her and puts her in control of her choices.

I have taught countless workshops on chakras. Some of these workshops were just an hour, while others were held as part of a weekly, ongoing series. My students have been regular people looking to learn about themselves and the world around them, yoga teachers looking to better serve their students, and energy healers looking to improve their practice.

Each time I teach, I am asked for a handout about the detailed information I shared. Therefore, I decided to write a mini course on the chakras to help my students and you, the reader, learn about this fascinating topic.

This is just a brief introduction but it should give you a good overview of the system and its purpose.

As you go through the following pages, ask yourself: “How does the information apply to me? What role am I playing in forming the stories stored within my chakras? What is it ‘in me’ that I should look at and address?”

Whether you are an energy healer, a yoga teacher or just a student looking to learn about chakras, the more of these concepts you can apply to yourself the better. Especially if you are an energy healer, always look within yourself to see how you can heal and grow. The healthier and stronger you become, the more you will be able to serve the people around you.

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I hope you find this book useful.

If you find that you would like to go deeper into your healing process through an energy healing or that a chakra balancing session would serve you, please contact me.


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