Everything comes in perfect time

everything comes in perfect timeI was rejected!


I was rejected through a template email. “Thanks but no thanks,” it said.

My inner six year old child rose up immediately with abandonment issues. I wanted my mommy. Since I could not run to my mommy, I did the next best thing, I reached out to my girlfriends and melted in the chorus of “we love you”, “you are awesome”, “the rejection will lead to better things”.

While my Inner Child was pouting away, I allowed my Spirit to speak to me. The Spirit said “hmmm, how very interesting that you feel that way.” Then my Spirit played me a movie of certain events of my life:

– 7th grade: the school administrators decided I should attend a special advanced placement type program the following year. They made me take some weird test, which apparently I failed… not once but twice. It didn’t matter though because I remember overhearing the administrators make a decision to ignore the test scores. And so in 8th grade I ended up in the most wonderful language arts and history program.

– College, freshman year: after meeting me once, the retiring dean of my college decided I HAD to take a senior level class with another retiring professor. The cutoff was 6 students. I was the 7th. What I learned in that class still helps me daily, some 20 plus years later.

– College, sophomore year:  I decided I wanted to take a graduate and post graduate class with Professor Elie Wiesel. So I went to speak to his secretary aka, the Gate Keeper. And I got a full pass. What a wonderful class, it is still here with me to this day.

– Post college interviews: 3 companies, 3 offers.

– Some years ago: I wanted a career in finance.1 interview, 1 offer, and an incredible team of support.

And the visions went on and on. No, this was not an ego trip, “look at my awesomeness” type of thing, although my Inner Child did enjoy it. It was my Spirit’s way of showing me that I am guided, that I am taken care of, that things that are meant to be mine come to me with ease and grace, oftentimes despite my best efforts of sabotage.

So why, I asked, did I not get this silly thing for which I know I am qualified? The answer was the same as what my girlfriends told me,”This is not the right time or place for you. There are other opportunities on their way for which you will need spare time and energy. Let it go,” my Spirit said.

“Pfff”, my Inner Child replied, “but I want, want, want, NOW!”

I let my Inner Child have a fit for about 30 minutes and then I allowed my Spirit to take over. I put my trust in the Universe and let go of my attachment to any outcome or timeline.

A new, amazing and much more profitable opportunity came the next day from a totally unexpected and surprising source.

The universe works in funny, frustrating, and often unreasonable ways. Yet it is always there for us, supporting, guiding, correcting. Our job is to work as hard as we can, then let go of the attachment to any specific outcome and allow the Universe to complete our creation… in perfect time.

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