Why energy healing is better than psychotherapy

Quite often I have new clients sit with me who have gone through ten plus years of therapy. They know exactly what their traumas are, when they happened, how they happened, how they feel about what happened, why they feel that way, so on and so forth. They give me a full psychological evaluation of their life – succinctly, to the point all within ten minutes. It’s an amazing speech. Very precise, very logical. Freud, Jung, Erikson, Maslow and the gang would be proud.

The question that you may be asking yourself at this point is, if they have all the answers, why are they seeing me – an energy reader and healer. They know more about themselves than I ever will. They’ve seen countless people with diplomas and licenses. Why are they now sitting in front of barefoot yellow haired woman holding a crystal?

Because they have hit a roadblock. A wall. They KNOW what’s wrong, they have reasoned it out. They agree that they should not be feeling the way they do. Yet, the problem is still there.

It is there because the mind cannot always heal the body. Because there is more to our experience than a pure memory of it. The emotions we experience leave psychosomatic imprints and create energetic entities that take root in our bodies. Usually this happens for the purpose of keeping us safe and in control. If the body remembers an experience, then it can ensure that the experience never happens or keeps happening, depending on our relationship to it.

At times an evaluation and acceptance of our experience will allow the energetic imprint associated with such experience to release. But at times it won’t. We will understand and agree with the fact that we need to let go, release, forgive. Yet, we will not be able to because the body refuses to follow the instructions of the mind. This is why talk therapy is not always enough. And this is why people come see me.

I love working with people who have been through therapy because the therapist has done the bulk of my work for them. There’s little I need to do as far as talking goes and so I can jump directly into my world, the world of energy, movement, flow, emotions. Actually, I don’t need to hear the full rundown on what’s happening and why. But people like to share. And I like to tune into the person’s voice. The sound of their voice tells me more stories than the actual worlds. Sometimes I don’t even hear the words, I hear the shapes, sounds, pictures, emotions that are behind the words. The words are just a front. They are a shell that holds much more on the inside than it allows to be shown on the outside. The words are like a photograph of a person. The stories within each word are like an embrace.

Within such embrace I dive directly into each chakra and see what took root there, when and why. And then I shift, shape, transform and remove the energy so that the person can be truly free. Not just free in his or her mind. But free in the body, free in the energy, free in the spirit.

I don’t know how it all works. It’s not for the mind to comprehend. I’ve given up trying to explain this, even to myself. I just do the work and somehow, somewhere, in some dimension a star explodes and takes with it pain, suffering, trauma, memories… and then all becomes alright with the world.


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