Reiki to help with worry

Don’t worry… Be Reiki

Reiki to help with worryYou know the saying “plan for the worst expect the best?” Well, I gave it a whole new meaning. Except that somehow, I forgot all about the “expect the best” part and focused all my mighty powers on “planning for the worst.”

Luckily, despite my best efforts I somehow managed to avoid manifesting “the worst.” Perhaps my manifestation mojo was off (thank Goddess).

In any case I managed to avoid causing havoc in my life.

Well, almost. My health wasn’t… uhm… very healthy.

I remember a time when just as I’d get over a cold and get back to my exercise routine, I’d somehow manage to catch yet another cold. I was a walking bacteria and virus magnet. It wasn’t fun.

Did I do something about it? Did I allow for the possibility that I was being my own most powerful saboteur? Noooo, I was too smart to believe in this whole mind-body-spirit mumbo-jumbo.

Until I got very sick.

And had to face myself.

And found a teacher.

And learned Reiki.

And now here I am. Healthy. Happy. Calm. Peaceful. Confident… Teaching Reiki.

Because Reiki changed my life.

Because Reiki is simple.

Because I can easily integrate Reiki into my day to day.

Because I no longer get sick.

Because I’m lazy.

You know the saying “laziness is the mother of human progress?” Totally true. If humans weren’t too lazy to run, they’d have never saddled a horse. If humans weren’t too lazy to pick up horse poop, they’d have never invented a car. Did you know there was a time when cars were considered as a “clean” mode of transportation? Because cars have no digestive system. Except now we know they do, it’s called “the exhaust system” and the product it releases is called “smog.”

But back to Reiki.

There was a time when I was a mess. Sure you’d never know it by looking at me. But if you heard my thoughts – oh momma! Lots of crazy, obsessive, “what if” thoughts!

Here’s a good one: What if I am out on my daily run and I encounter a snake? What if it’s a rattle snake? What is I am not paying attention and I step on it? What if it bites me? What if there’s no one around? What if I am far away from the park ranger station? What if I am not carrying my phone? What if?

Ah, don’t be too quick to call me nutso. Look inside your head. Do you have these ever present, ever spinning “what if” thoughts? Perhaps you had a conversation with someone this morning and now you cannot stop thinking about it? “What if I had said….?” you think. Or do you have the big mother-load thoughts like: “what if I lose my job,” “what if he or she leaves me,” “what if I get sick,” “what if I have to see my in-laws more than once a year,” “what am I going to do if….”

I sometimes wonder if we are like computers with memory leaks or daemon processes that just won’t go away even when there is no reason for them to be there? Except that a computer can be rebooted and a daemon processes can be killed – without sending anyone to jail, I mean.

But humans, what are we to do with that head of ours!

I know! Reiki!

The day I learned Reiki and became attuned to it, MY BRAIN SHUT UP. No, I did not become careless or delusional. I just found a tiny little opening in the energy that is me that lead to my finding my own peace and quiet.

I was quite surprised because it was not something that I expected to happen. In fact, when I showed up for that epic Reiki class, I had no idea what Reiki was. I just knew that I needed to learn it.

Then, thanks to my lazyness (a.k.a. the mother of progress) I found a way to integrate Reiki into my daily life and optimize everything I do.

I call upon Reiki to help me wake up in the morning, to help me reach my destination on time and safely, to help to balance the energy of my food, to help my dog heal, to help me run faster, to help me, well, pretty much anything I now do involves Reiki. Because on a minute level, everything is energy. And so every thing can be impacted by energy, especially thoughts and feelings.

The beauty of Reiki is that it is easy to learn, works on everything and requires little time to learn and to perform. My days flow smoothly and effortlessly now. My inner lazy-person is thrilled.

And whenever my brain returns to its favorite “what-if” game, I do Reiki, knowing that I do not need to plan for very little thing that may or may not happen. I am confident that I have the tools to deal with whatever comes my way.

And the imaginary snake? Well, we became imaginary friends. I do Reiki before my run with the intention that I do not come across a snake – or if I do, to see it far ahead of me so that I can avoid stomping on the poor creature in my sneakered foot. I’m sure the snake can breathe easy now. And so can I.

Reiki on!

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