Don’t touch my dog

PoodleSome dogs are dogs’ dogs. Some dogs are people’s dogs. My dog, Misha does not really fall into either category. I’d say he’s more of a momma’s boy. He likes people who come to my house but he is weary of strangers outside. I’d like to think that he trusts that I won’t bring a bad person into the house. But really, I think it is because of HER.

She always wore a big shirt with flowy sleeves and a wide ankle-length skirt. Sometimes she wore a large jacket which made her look much bigger than she was. She moved quickly, talked loudly and doused herself in perfume. Every time she saw us, she would run up to my dog and pet him on the head. She was my neighbor and our paths crossed regularly.

I wasn’t fond of her.  Misha was terrified.

I tried to protect him as best as I could. I scanned the street for her and tried to avoid crossing paths. I’d see her coming and would either go in the opposite direction or would pick up my dog and turn my back to her.

I told her that Misha does not like to be touched. I told her he is nervous. I told her he bites.

She ignored me. As loud and smelly as she was, she had this amazing skill of sneaking up on us. Out of no where she would come and the next thing I’d see was her hand was on my dog’s head. I think she must had been a ninja in her previous life. A dog loving, stinky, inconsiderate ninja.

Every time this happened Misha would shake like a dry leaf in the mid-winter snow storm. I felt like I betrayed my fur-baby by failing to protect him from HER.

People, I have a PSA, please ask before petting other people’s dogs. Especially the cute and fluffy dogs. They may be harmless to you but you can really scare them. Plus, it’s often the little ones that bite… because they are little and scared and well, in some cases they are not well socialized. Sometimes, as sad as it is these little guys are not treated well at home, so yes, dogs can bite.

Luckily for us this lady moved away. Even after she was not longer living here, it took me two years to get Misha to be OK with walking by her old house.

Because of that lady, Misha became weary of people, sometimes even those who came to my home. It took lots of love, patience and special kindness from my friends to show Misha that some people can be trusted.

These days, he is still weary of strangers in the street but he is very friendly to all those who come to my house. In fact, whenever I have visitors in my home, he makes it a point to sit on their lap for 3-5 minutes. He will even bring to a toy to some people. I think those people must be extra special in his view.

All is well that ends well.

Please keep your hands to yourselves and respect our little fur buddies in the same way as you would a big, buff, armed and oh so good looking night club bouncer.

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