A dog, an airplane, Reiki, and me

This is Doc. He is a mariner. Sailing is his favorite method of transportation.

This is Doc. He is a mariner. Sailing is his favorite method of transportation.

Flying. It seems so mundane and simple to just sit in an airplane hours on end. Yet, so much happens in a span of a few short hours – ears popping, potato chips crunching, items shifting in the overhead compartments, babies crying, people talking, dogs yapping and chickens clucking. Yes, you read it right. One time I was flying in a plane with a belly full of chickens and roosters. They were quiet most of the time but when they got going, they really got going. It was quite surreal to hear chickens at 10,000 feet.

But this story is not about chickens, although I did see some chickens the day before my flight from Florida to LA. Strangely enough those chickens were walking around an alligator farm completely oblivious to thousands of sharp teeth hiding in the swamp about two feet away.

This story is about a dog, an airplane, Reiki, and me. As I was boarding my plane, I noticed a lady with a little Pomeranian on her lap. Or to be precise, I noticed a cute Pomeranian sitting on top of someone’s lap. As we were nearing our final descent, I heard that said dog crying. Most likely the change in the air pressure was bothering the dog’s ears.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have a soft spot for beasts of the canine variety. I could not idly stand by, or rather sit by while a fur baby was suffering. I had to do something! I mentally ran through a list of things I could do and settled on Reiki. I performed distance Reiki with the intention of making the environment safe, calm and comfortable for the dog.

It took about a minute for the dog to calm down. She stayed quiet for the duration of the flight.

That was all good, but now I had a new problem. My Taurus Sun and Leo Moon demanded recognition for my good deed, yet I could not stand up and tell the entire airplane that it was I who helped the dog. This was partly because the seat belt sign was still on and partly because, well… that would be weird even by my standards. And so I had to humbly pat myself on the back, wait until the seat belt sign was off, quietly get my luggage and accept that just as some good deeds go unpunished, others go unrecognized.

Have a remarkable day and may your good deeds be noted in the great book of karma and may your bad deeds be mysteriously forgotten.

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