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I have had anxiety my entire life, it was such a part of my day- I didn’t know what it is like to wake up without it. I had a healing with Dina. The very next morning, upon waking – I opened my eyes and did not have any anxiety.  It was so strange… waking up without that feeling of dread and anxiousness.  I have continued to feel better and better each day since the healing. It has been three months and I am still anxiety free. I recommend Dina’s healing services to anyone that wants to feel better!

Elizabeth, Laguna Beach

Energy Healing enhances and balances the flow of energy in the body so that the body can self heal. It can help you to release beliefs that are not serving you, dissipate fears and heal traumatic events so that you can move on and enjoy your life and the world around you.

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Energy Healing is often performed over distance with the same or sometimes even better results than in person because you are able to relax and integrate in your own home for as long as you would like. Think of it this way, energy healing already involves distance especially when working with past lives, energetic attachments, inner child, ancestral DNA and so on. The distance may be over space, time, and dimensions and it does not require a client to be physically present. It’s kind of like love, you can love a person regardless of whether she is in the same room, the same town, living or passed on.

When Dina performs a distance Energy Healing, she brings forward a holographic image of the client. Then she looks into each chakra of the hologram in order to see what is happening within the person’s energy. After discussing the issue with the client (in order to learn from it), Dina removes the energetic imprint and impact of the issue.

It is important that your focus during the session is only on the session. This means you need to find a quiet space and time where you will not be disturbed. You also need to have a good, clear phone connection and wear headphones or a headset so that you can relax.

Each session is slightly different but the basic format is this: first Dina speaks with you what you would like to work on. She then asks you to lie down. Once you lie down, Dina opens and balances your energy and the energy within each of your chakras. As she goes through the chakra balancing process, she describes to you what information she sees in each chakra. This helps you better understand your current state, your subconscious belief systems, your patterns, your blocks and your strengths.

Once all chakras are balanced, Dina is then guided by Spirit as to where the root to the issue you would like to resolve is located and what to do about it. She may work on releasing the energies of events that took place in this life, past lives, traumatic events of your ancestors, energetic attachment and so on. If necessary, a session may include mediumship work where your passed on relatives are present to assist with the healing process. Dina may also provide you with “homework” specifically designed  to assist with your healing process.You will leave each session feeling lighter, freer and with a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.


The following is a sample of issues with which Dina’s has assisted clients:

Change career or grow in the current profession
Increase abundance (aka release money related issues)
Learn about past lives and heal trauma from past lives
Heal traumas passed on through ancestral/parental DNA
Heal guilt or shame
Eat better to loose weight
Process grief, either from death of a loved one of death of a relationship
Relieve physical issues such as headaches, stomach aches, muscle aches, post operative pain
Learn more about the relationship between your physical body, your emotions and belief systems
Improve personal self esteem
Stop smoking and release other destructive habits
Identify, resolve, and release trauma and other emotional issues
Make it easy to let go of the past and live in the now
Increase forgiveness and compassion
Free you from addictions to self-destructive programs
Heighten psychic senses and intuitive abilities
Connect with your Higher Self
Increase creativity and connection with your inner child
Learn to love yourself
Remain calm emotionally, mentally and/or physically in stressful situations
Change your old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you and are harmful to your health
Reduce anxiety, manage stress and bring about mental and emotional stabilization
Remove energetic attachments
and more!

I just wanted to give you an update! I felt pretty amazing after the last session, almost euphoric! I’ve been pretty happy, almost like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders. I was even able to be vulnerable to a male “friend” (friend for now) of mine. Something that I would not have been able to do before. I feel really great! Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much you have helped me!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Warmest Regards.

Ashley, Laguna Niguel

120 minutes – $300

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