How does distance energy healing work?

Distance Energy Healing

Energy Healing is often performed over distance and the technique used depends on the system.

For example, in Reiki, we designate an object to represent a client and then perform a healing on the object, which in turn translates into a healing on the client.

When I perform a distance Energy Healing, I bring forward a holographic image of the person. Then I look into each chakra of the hologram in order to see what is happening within the person’s energy. We then verbally discuss the issue. When ready, I remove the energetic imprint and impact of the issue, using the same method as during an in-person healing.

Think of it this way, energy healing already involves distance especially when we work with past lives, energetic attachments, inner child, ancestral DNA and so on. The distance may be over space, time, and dimensions and it does not require a client to be physically present. It’s kind of like love, you can love a person regardless of whether she is in the same room, the same town, living or passed on.

During a healing session, I work with the person’s energy bodies, there is very little physical contact even if the person is in front of me. So in a way, there is really no difference between an in-person session and a distance healing session.

The benefit to an in-person session is that it provides a retreat-like environment for the client. My office space is very serene and beautiful. I play healing music, we surround ourselves with amazing crystals, and use aromatherapy. There are no interruptions or distractions. When performing a distance healing, it is up to the client to find a safe, quiet, and “interruption free” physical space. When the client is with me in my office, I provide this environment.

A distance healing session has its benefits too. For example, after a distance healing the client will be able to relax and integrate in her own home for as long as she would like instead of having to focus to drive home.

Here’s a breakdown of a distance healing session, it is very similar to an in-person session:

Client and I connect by phone (or Skype) and talk about what she would like to work on.

Client lies down on a bed or couch and puts on headphones which are connected to her phone or computer, while I am on the other line with my headphones.

It is important that the connection is good, no dropped calls.

Client must ensure that she is not disturbed for the duration of the session–this is important! I need the client’s 100% attention as I would have it if she were here. She cannot be doing anything else while the healing is in progress.

Client closes her eyes and relaxes, she remains comfortably lying down for the duration of the healing.

I open and balance her chakras and aura and look in there to see what’s going on.

We discuss it over the phone in the same way as we would in person.

Once the issue is ready to be removed, I instruct the client on how to use her breath while I remove it at the energy level.

Then I look deeper to see what else comes up.

We discuss, release, I look again, and so on.

The more time we have together, the more layers we can uncover in one session.

I hope this article gives you an idea about distance healing and why it is just as effective as an in-person healing. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session.



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