Sample of things for which I use Reiki to help me navigate my days

Sample of things for which I use Reiki to help me navigate my days

Reiki applications are limitless. All you need to remember is to have a clear intention on what you want, perform Reiki with integrity and respect the boundaries of other people. Here is but a small sample of things for which I use Reiki to help me navigate my days:

To balance my energy113
To balance energy of other people (with their permission)
To quiet the mind
To charge food and drink
To safeguard when traveling
To clear homes of negative energy
To clear jewelry and crystals
To balance the energy in a room
To help to focus
To bring harmony to a meeting
To help plants grow
To calm pets (pets love Reiki)
To improve relationships (person and business)
On acupressure points
To lessen motion sickness
To ensure successful transactions
To help with digestion
To lessen fatigue – increase energy
To balance emotions
To clear a freeway, get more green lights, find a parking spot
To reduce stress
To lessen worry
To manage pain
To speed up healing process
To assist healing after a surgery
To minimize side effects of medicines and procedures
To remove blocks, concerns, fears
To maintain personal space and ensure healthy boundaries
To assist with successful completion of projects
To help with weight lifting, running or yoga
To have a positive day
To get a good night’s sleep
To help with memory
To help to find words for successful communication
To help to find clothes that fit and are on sale
To help me wake up in the morning
To help another person understand me – or to help me understand another

Remember to always follow “Reiki on” with: “for the highest and greatest good of all life and soul with ease and grace.”


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