Crystal healingHello and welcome to the Crystals section of my blog. Here you will find everything crystal related. Scroll down to read how to select a crystal, how to clear the energy of crystals, how to program crystals with your intention, how to build crystal grids, how to use crystals for healing, how to manifest with crystals, how to build a crystal Reiki grid and more!

Crystals are amazing beings, each one has its own personality. They are great tools for healing and manifestation. And they are so so so pretty.

My advice for working with crystals is simple: practice, practice, practice. It is quite impossible to learn about crystals simply by reading articles or watching videos. Crystals are sentient beings, they like to be held, talked to, looked at and respected. Get yourself a small crystal and bond with it. Carry it with you, keep it on your desk at work, hold it – a lot.

The more you touch crystals the more you learn from them. I learned a great deal just by making jewelry. That’s actually how I started using crystals for healing: I made bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earring. Touching each and every bead and noticing how each crystals interacts with the stones next to it taught me so much. So don’t be shy, find a crystal, even a small one and learn from it. You will be surprised by how much fun and joy you can find even with a small crystal.

Not sure what crystal to start with? I recommend rose quartz, the master love crystal or selenite – crystal version of white light.

Scroll down to read each article. If a particular article moves you or if you have a question, please drop me a note in the comments section. I read and value each and every comment.

I teach crystal workshops from time to time and I always use crystals during private healing sessions, yes, even during remote healing sessions.

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Crystal Healing Wand Toolmaker

How to use crystals for healing

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