• Past life regression

    If you allow for a possibility of reincarnation then looking at your story from another life can be a very powerful and healing experience. If you allow for a possibly of prior existence then you will see that none of us comes to this earth pure and innocent. Each of us arrives encoded with a particular set of skill, strengths and weaknesses that together help to determine who you are today and shape who you will be tomorrow.

  • Distance Energy Healing

    I have had anxiety my entire life, it was such a part of my day-… Read more

  • psychic reading

    Intuitive Readings

    An intuitive reading session (also known as a psychic reading) can provide the information you need to make decisions, create healthy relationships, attract abundance, and achieve harmony, peace and happiness in all areas of your life. It is a great way to learn about yourself, your motivations, what makes your great and what zaps your powers.

  • Attend a Workshop

  • Ghosts in a home

    House Energy Clearing

    “I have had Dina come to two of my homes and spiritually clean both of… Read more

  • get Reiki Healer Certification

    Learn Reiki

    “What the certificate says: Shilah Sarkissian has attained the status of Reiki Master. What my… Read more

  • Hypnotherapy

    “Had an AMAZING and POWERFUL hypnotherapy session with Dina Kleiman. I came home feeling happy, simple,… Read more

  • In-Person Energy Healing

    An Energy Healing Session can help you to release beliefs that are no serving you, dissipate fears and heal traumatic events so that you can move on and enjoy your life and the world around you.




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