Meditation Musings

  • Life’s purpose

    So many people tell me that only if they knew their purpose, then they would be happy and at peace. But what if your purpose was to simply be a human being…

  • Diving into the abyss

    Last night I dreamed of a bird. A fluffy little bird that flew from bush… Read more

  • meditation to hep me ground and connect to Gaia

    Why being energetically ungrounded is dangerous

    We often try to escape our physicality by focusing on our spirituality because it feels so good to be connecting to the energy of source. Unfortunately, there is no way out of being Earthlings. If we wish to manifest anything in our three dimensional realm, we must be fully present in our bodies and connected to the energy of Gaia, our mother earth.

  • Meditation to cleanse your energy

    This week’s blog is a guided meditation, YEY! I like to perform this meditation whenever I am feeling stressed and overly impacted by other people’s energy. It is my go-to tool to cleanse myself after large gatherings, stressful situations, visiting unfamiliar places and after a hard day at the office. I find it timely now as we approach the chaos of the holiday season.

  • How to establish personal space and create energetic boundaries

    How to create energetic boundaries

    When you fear or dislike a person because they are different from you, understand that you are falling into an illusion. You fear them or you hate them because they bring to the surface your own dark shadows, they bring attention to things that you so desperately try to hide within yourself.

  • meditation to find yourself

    The Magic of Meditation

    What if, suddenly, every to-do list disappeared, dissolved, dissipated, disintegrated… leaving behind… just the YOU. Naked, shivering, blinded by the light, but nonetheless – YOU.

  • are my emotions valid

    Are you weird by not feeling how you think you should feel

    Even those of you who are world travelers, angels in the human body who have come to rely on yourself and yourself alone need other people. That is part of your lesson, to learn to live in a pack.

  • why do bad things happen to me

    Why do bad things happen to good people

    Why is that even when we treat people kindly, eat consciously and recycle, we still struggle to make ends meet, we still have to deal with difficult people and we still get ill? And why is it that while we do not expect any reward from our government for being a good citizen, we do expect reward from the universe for being a nice person.

  • How crystals find their keepers – the journey of a Lemurian Quartz

    He told me that I was never the intended keeper for him, rather I was just a part of his journey to his final destination.

  • The Goddess

    Your journey is not to reach the level of a Goddess or be like a Goddess. You are the Goddess! You are the Goddess who stepped into a human form. Never forget that.

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