Cannabis for headaches – does it help?

Ever since high school I have been suffering from headaches caused by tight neck muscles pinching a nerve. These headaches were getting progressively worse to the point where I was in pain and major brain fog for 4 – 8 days each month.

I used to hear people say thing like “cannabis helped me with…” fill in the blank, and I judged them for it. “Good for you, finding an excuse to get high,” I thought. Then one day I tried cannabis oil to help me sleep. I was going through intense personal shifts and for the first time in my life was suffering from stress induced insomnia.

After a few weeks of regular use, I noticed that I had not had a single headache. Not even a small one. Thinking back, I also realized that I no longer woke up with a stiff neck each morning. My muscles felt relaxed, soft and supple. I was also sleeping better, falling asleep right away and sleeping through the night.

I was thrilled about being rested and headache free but I did notice that I was feeling a big groggy some of the mornings. I played around with dosage but still I found myself having a hard time waking up. My research revealed that this is a common issue with edibles.

I switched to smoking flower right before bedtime and the issue was resolved. I was still getting the benefit of a good night sleep, was still headache free but I was no longer groggy in the morning.

The only problem was that the harsh smoke often irritated my throat. It was unpleasant, but not a big deal as the benefits outweighed the costs.

Earlier this year, my cousin introduced me to a Weedgets pipe with an added carbon filter. I tried it and immediately I knew that this is what I needed. I was able to smoke flower without irritating my throat. All problems solved!

I am so glad that cannabis is becoming accepted as a healer and medicine. The plant has been a part of the Native American world for eons and I am grateful that now we have access to this amazing spirit and have products such as Weedgets to help us consume it in the healthiest possible way.


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