Using cannabis for spiritual healing

My name is Dina, I am an energy healer and hypnotherapist. People come to me for help for all sort of issues: from specific condition such as anxiety, phobias, depression, lyme disease to more general issues such as personal boundaries, loss of joy or search for soul’s purpose.

Today I am going to talk a little about the work that I do as an energy healer and then I will describe how I use cannabis to help me with this work.

I will then offer some guidelines that I myself follow in order to help me connect with the medicine on a deeper level.

When I begin working on my own healing or on another person’s, I first connect with my spirit guides or unseen friends and then allow them to guide me through the process.

Then I use my clairvoyant and other senses to look within the person’s energetic bodies and into their chakras. I search for places in their body where there are energetic blockages or leakages. Then I look deeper as to “why” this is so and also “where”. Where did the problem start? Did one of more events in this life create this issue? Is this something that started in a previous life? Or did a series of event that happened to your ancestors contribute to the current condition?

I also look to see how the person interacts with energies of people around them. I look for energetic connections and attachments that are draining them of energy and life force and preventing them from reaching their potential.

Once I have this information, the healing can begin.

We may go into an experience from childhood, a past life, of a life of an ancestor. We may cut cords, remove entities or find untapped sources of power.

There are many things we can do when we work with the energetic body. Each person’s story is unique and I am constantly learning.

I have trained for many years to be able to do this work, efficiently, effectively and safely. Safely for me and for my clients.

I do not need to use cannabis or other plant medicines for this work, but in certain situations, they definitely make the process easier and quicker.



My introduction to cannabis is quite unusual because by the time I first tried it, I had already been working with the spirit world for a number of years. Actually, I have very little experience using cannabis recreationally. I never smoked as a teenager nor as a young adult.

I was first introduced to cannabis in my late thirties… by my meditation teacher. She mentioned that she has been making cannabis oil and using it to help her meditate. When she first said it, I was a bit taken aback. All I knew about cannabis then was what I heard in the mass media and saw on TV, basically I believed that only potheads and losers use cannabis. My teacher certainly did not seem like a looser and so I thought, perhaps I am missing something.

Besides, I had previously been introduced to other plant medicines, such as san pedro and ayahuasca, I had met the spirit of those medicines and I saw the value of the work they provide. I got some oil from her and I took it before coming to class with the intention of learning from this medicine.

So there I was, sitting in class, when a strange thing happened. Suddenly, I became aware of the fact that there are twice as many people in the room as there were human bodies. I looked around and realized that next to each classmate, there stood a an energetic being. I asked my spirit guide who that being was and they told me that I am seeing the person’s spiritual self. It was quite funny because I did not know where to focus my eyes – on the physical person or on the energetic being standing next to them.

When I went into my own meditation, I realized just how easy it was to get to get into the meditative state and to stay there. Previously, I had to focus hard in order to remain within the meditation. But with the medicine, I hardly had to do anything except allow the medicine to guide me.

I continued to practice with the oil on my own, at home. Each time I was able to go in deeper and deeper into my own healing process. Deep emotional wounds and brilliant gifts were revealed to me with amazing clarity.

About a year later, I was assisting my Native American friend in a ceremony. We had about 10 people that day. That ceremony was similar to one they use on soldiers returning from overseas. There was a lot of heavy energy released and I had a hard time coming back into my own space. I think get got tired of watching me suffer and so instructed me to smoke from his ceremonial pipe, which had cannabis in it. Basically, he shoved the pipe into my hands and ordered me to smoke.

That was my first time smoking anything since that one cigarette I had when I was fifteen years old. After a nice long coughing fit, I realized that I was fully back in my body and all residual energy from the ceremony was gone.

He and I proceed to smoke together for the next three days, each time going deeper into the medicine and into my own healing.

After he went back home, I continued to smoke occasionally but with a very specific intention to learn how the medicine can heal me and help me assist other people in their healing process.

One day I asked cannabis spirit about why people have bad trips as I never had a bad experience with her. She laughed and told me that she is but a guide. Whatever your intention is, that’s where she will take you. If you want her help, you have to ask her and surrender to her guidance.  Otherwise she will just take you on the path that are already following – whether it is a good one, bad one or neither.

Soon afterwards, she guided me to start offering cannabis in group settings. I was to be a facilitator and she would tell me what to do.

Since that time, I have been working with cannabis in private and group settings, allowing myself to be a channel for her spirit. She helped me take people deeper into their own journeys. She opened up portals into other worlds. I would follow her there and look for people’s soul fragment – pieces of themselves that they have lost through trauma, karma and even bad trips they had with cannabis and with other substances.

She has been instrumental in my own journeys within my own being and for helping others.

The number one thing I learned working with cannabis is that space and intentions matter. If we are to use it for healing, we must be very clear about where we do it, how we do it and with whom. Failure to do this can lead to fragmentation and confusion. It can create blocks, energetic leaks and open up portals to worlds and energies that are not in our highest and best good.



I’d like to share with you my process of setting space, intention, and journeying, whether working on myself or with clients.

  1. Physical space: it is important to be in a place where you feel safe. I like to be in my own home or in a place where I will not be disturbed. I have also held a number of ceremonies in nature, always finding a secluded spot where we will not be disturbed.
  2. People: the people in your space are just as important as the space itself. There must be trust and a feeling of safety and security within the group.
  3. Energetic space: prior to opening up a ceremony I will clear the energy with smudging and calling in my spirit guides. I like to use sage, frankincense incense or palo santo. Sometimes I will also use a drum, tibetan bowls, or essential oils, such as camphor to rose.
  4. Intention: I think about what I would like to achieve in this session, either in my personal journey or as a space holder if I’m facilitating a healing or a ceremony.
  5. Taking of the medicine: Then I will smoke cannabis. I prefer smoking over edibles because the effect is quicker and is more predictable.
  6. The journey: afterwards, I will take my attention to my breath and instruct others to do so. If I am by myself, I will surrender to the medicine and ask it to show me that which I need to know. If I am facilitating then I will lead a guided meditation using the words and imagery provided by the medicine. Generally, we will sit quietly, although occasionally a person may go into an experience that requires help. If this happens, I may guide them using my voice or energetically go inside their journey and assist them there.
  7. Length: the journey generally takes between fifteen minutes to two hours.
  8. Finishing the journey: once the journey is complete, I begin the process of bringing myself and people back. This is where my training as a healer really matters because I know how to make sure that all parts of our spirit return into the body.
  9. Sharing: if in a group ceremony, those who feel included to speak will share their journey and ask questions if they have any.
  10. Closing: To close the ceremony we will eat some fruit and drink coconut water to fully ground into the body. At times, I will also include hape plant medicine from the rainforest to ground the energy and seal the healing.

Each journey, whether solo or with a group is unique. It is always beautiful although it times it can be emotionally taxing and painful if this is a necessary part of the healing.

I have learned a lot from this medicine over the last few years. Each time I learn something, I am humbled by how little I actually know and by the depth to which we can be taken by this wonderful and playful spirit.

I have several weekend retreats planned for early next year. They are designed to take people deep into their own process to facilitate healing and growth. Check the workshop schedule of this website for the latest classes and retreats. I’m excited to see what she will show me in the years to come.

Attend a workshop or schedule a private healing session!


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