how to run a spiritual businessHello and welcome to the Business of Energy Healing section of my blog.

Is it odd for a an energy healer and teacher to write about business? Well, not really, I am a businesswoman, after all.

I have spent over two decades in the corporate world and I have a business degree. I find my business knowledge quite useful these days as I grow my own company.

I am a big observer. I find humans fascinating, every aspect of us, from talking, to feeling, to eating, to exercising, to being angry, sad, happy, carefree.

I also find the business side of my profession interesting, especially the question of how does one merge spirituality and business? How do you deal with bureaucracy, money, marketing, PR, day-to-day grunt-work while remaining true to yourself and your path? What do you do when your clients keep cancelling or students keep leaving your programs? How do you ask your clients for testimonials? How can you run a business with integrity? How do you choose your own teacher? These are interesting questions worth exploring, don’t you think?

Scroll down to read each article. If a particular article moves you or if you have a question, please drop me a note in the comments section. I read and value each and every comment.

I also teach workshops about how to run a spiritual business. All of my Reiki certification classes include a a pretty hefty business ethics section.

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Why healers and coaches struggle to make a living

Why must we choose between the financial comfort of the matrix and financial ruin of living in our truth? Why is the spreading of the ... Read More

Answering the “what do you do” question

I noticed a very peculiar thing – presence of embarrassment or even shame in belonging to an alternative field of medicine. It is as if ... Read More

Taking the plunge: how I left the corporate world and became my own boss

Do you know that in addition to being an Energy Healer I have a 20+ year corporate background and own two successful business consulting companies? Today ... Read More

The secret to business success is a dwarf goat

I have many clients who come to me for help with their business or professional career. They come from many paths of life and each ... Read More

Steps to reaching financial freedom

Setting goals is key to getting where you want to be in life. After all if you do not have a goal, how will you ... Read More

How to get what you want in life

Last week I had a conversation with one of my friends. He was responding to my story about how I quit my corporate job and ... Read More

Setting goals with the Vision Board

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, focus and set a specific life goal through the use of images. The process is ... Read More
writing a testimonial

Asking your clients for testimonials

Asking for a testimonial can be unconformable. After all, our work is so personal, it can be hard to reach out for something so “business ... Read More
What it's like to be a hynotherapist

Hypnotherapy through the eyes of a hypnotherapist

The other day I made a huge discovery: it is freakin' awesome to hear someone tell you exactly what they think and feel. It happened ... Read More

When a client cancellation is a good thing

Healers, could a client cancellation be a good thing? Definitely. A cancellation may increase your success rate and also show you that a shift in ... Read More

When to refer clients out to licensed professionals

As healers and teachers it is important for us to know, when we can truly help someone or when they need more than we can ... Read More
Would you let a stranger perform an energy healing on you in the middle of a coffee shop?

Energy Healing is intimate work, treat it with respect

Would you let a stranger perform an energy healing on you in the middle of a coffee shop? What if you did and they told ... Read More
how to stay on spiritual course

10 Reasons students may not complete spiritual development programs

Understanding why students quit requires an understating of the dynamics of such classes. Programs that seek to raise consciousness levels ... Read More

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