What my third eye sees

What my third eye seesheart chakra

Huge heart, all over the place, leaking
Sacrificial lamb, bleeding like Christ
Voice confused by the heart
3rd chakra shifting from large to small
2nd tied in belts
Trying to stay grounded
But dispersing energy, draining self
Who must apologize for starting the pattern?
Call your energy back!

This poem describes what I “saw” and “heard” while reading the energy of a client. It describes the client’s current state and shows how an unhealthy heart chakra impacts all other chakras.

This poem is exactly how the information was shown to me at that instance – as a poem.

Sometimes the information comes to me as a full narrative and all I have to do it repeat it word for word to the client. At other times, the information is compressed into a poem and then it is my job to translate and explain what I see and what that means. A narrative is easier for me because all I have to do is repeat. However, I love when the information comes through as poetry because it is so beautiful.

Often the information will make no sense to me but will make complete sense to the client. This is something a reader has to learn from experience – trust the information no matter how odd or random it sounds. In most cases it will make total sense to the client, though sometimes it won’t make sense to the client until a later day.

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