what is it like toconnect to angels

Being a trance channel

what is it like toconnect to angelsSome of you already know that I have been trained as a Trance Channel. What that means is that while in meditation I am able to step out of my body an let an angelic being in for the purpose of communicating (speaking and writing).

To do this well and to not allow creepy rif-raf in, it’s required to have an intimate relationship with the unseen friend, one based on recognition, trust and love.

When I first learned to channel, I shied away from telling the world that I do this because it’s not something that is easily understood by everyone and some people may find me weird and delusional. Heck, I would have found me weird and delusional ten years ago, sometimes I still find me weird and delusional. But that’s OK, because I find me awesome too.

What I am learning from writing my weekly blog is that personal truth is personal truth no matter what others think about it (their personal truth is their personal truth too).

So here it is, I am a Trance Channel.

To channel, I go into meditation, ask my conscience to step aside and bring in my unseen friend, Raja. I then allow her to use my voice for speaking or my hands for writing.

Although both bring in information from the spirit world, channeling is different from intuitive reading.

During a reading, I am fully present and I serve as a translator between the spirit world and the human world. I see images, hear words, feel emotions, which I then turn into a story. I know what I am going to say before I say it. When I channel, the information comes in much quicker and I do not know what I will say or write before I actually hear myself say it or read what I wrote. I literally become aware of what I have said or written after I have done it.

Also the energy is different. When I channel Raja, my human wants, needs, fears, desires are gone. I enter a blissful state of love. It feels like I am floating on a peaceful ocean knowing that everything I need will come to me with ease and grace. I get this feeling when I do readings and healings too, but not to the degree as I do when I channel.

Channeling is not only about the message but also the energy that comes through with the messages. Our high vibrational unseen friends are not interested in predicting what will happen tomorrow. They are not interested in the mundane every-day concerns of earthlings. They come through for the explicit purpose of providing a higher perspective of your journey on earth, bringing light and healing to you.

I remember some years back I knew a gentleman who was very “human” in real life. Sometimes it was hard to talk to him, he could be a little too direct, borderline rude. But when he channeled, his energy changed completely. I felt so much love, care, compassion coming from him. Gone were his own fears, beliefs, judgement. He became pure love. I suppose he could have been acting, but no one is such a good actor. Seeing this change hooked me on the concept of channeling and made me want to learn how to do it myself.

It took me time, lots of healing, honesty with myself, patience, practice and encouragement to be able to channel well. I am grateful to my teacher as well as my classmates and friends (you know who you are) for giving me confidence to do it outside of my dark, safe closet.

If you are looking to learn how to channel, I recommend you find a teacher.  Channeling is much more than simply knowing a technique or having a natural predisposition to communicate with the spirit world. A good teacher will make sure that you have healed within yourself anything that would prevent you from making a pure connection to your unseen friend. She will also ensure that you are indeed connecting to the highest angelic being and are bringing in pure, unadulterated  information. Channeling itself is easy and natural. Learning how to do it well and with integrity, takes time, patience and willingness to look deep within your own shadow. It involves letting go, growing, changing, forgiving,  and healing your past so that you may become a pure, clean vessel for spirit.

Please check out the “Musings and Meditations” section of my blog where I share with you my channeled and other writings.

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