meditation to hep me ground and connect to Gaia

Why being energetically ungrounded is dangerous

meditation to hep me ground and connect to GaiaBeing grounded is extremely important, not only for our sanity but also for turning our dreams into reality.

When I examine my clients’ chakras I look for several levels of grounding: mental, emotional, and energetic. I sometimes refer to energetic grounding as your connection to the Gaia energy. Some of you may have also heard me say something like “if you were a Goddess, you would be a Goddess of water, or earth, or plants, and so on.” This is how I see your personal way “into” the Gaia energy.

In my experience, being energetically ungrounded is much worse that being mentally or emotionally ungrounded.

This is because when we are mentally ungrounded, it is hard to concentrate and focus, however we can still get things done on autopilot, so to speak. Have  you ever had to drive home from work when your mind was engaged in something other than on driving? Most likely you made it home safely but if I were to ask you to recall which traffic signals were red and which were green, you would have no idea because your mind was not fully focused on the driving.

When we are emotionally ungrounded, it is also hard to focus but for those of us who are good at compartmentalizing, it’s not a big deal. Let’s say you had an argument with your significant other right before heading into a meeting with your boss. Once you came to the office, you were able to put that argument on the back burner so you could concentrate on your work. It may be tiring to keep the emotions focused on task at hand, but it’s doable.

But, when we are energetically ungrounded, we are unable to bring our inspiration into this physical reality and so we end up spinning our wheels, possibly for many years. I see this a lot. A person may be a hard worker, creative, and motivated, yet, year after year, nothings seems to get done. As soon as the person realizes what is blocking her from bringing her energy down into the physical and takes steps to release those blocks, magic starts to happen.

We often try to escape our physicality by focusing on our spirituality because it feels so good to be connecting to the energy of source. Unfortunately, there is no way out of being Earthlings. If we wish to manifest anything in our three dimensional realm, we must be fully present in our bodies and connected to the energy of Gaia, our mother earth.

This is why energetic grounding is so important, in my view.

Here is a meditation to help you become grounded. I hope you find it useful. Please reach out and let me know what you think about the meditation and the subject of grounding in general.



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  • Fay Pastel

    05/05/20171:36 PM Reply to Fay

    Plain, solid simple truth, Dina!! I appreciate where you’re “coming from” here!
    Being an Earth sign myself, I get it. I teach and practice a rooted style of Yoga and everything else ( Ballet,Pilates, dance). Building the energetic lift from that sense of grounding.
    Love that you are reaching out on Facebook.
    Is it my phone…,or was the audio very low on the video? I cranked up my phone volume, and still had a bit of trouble hearing. Crap, I hope I’m not going deaf….
    Anyway, enjoy you and your valuable sharing! Gonna meet ya one a these days!

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