writing a testimonial

Asking your clients for testimonials

writing a testimonialClient testimonials are an integral part of any business. They help you to improve your services and also increase your credibility. For a non-commodity business such as energy healing and intuitive reading, client testimonials are especially important. They help to explain to potential clients what it is that you do and also address some of the issues your services have resolved for other people. A testimonial can mean the difference between a client choosing you, going to someone else or foregoing the service all together.

Asking for a testimonial can be uncomfortable. After all, our work is so personal, it can be hard to reach out for something so “business like.” We also know that our clients are incredibly busy with a lot of pressure at home and at work, so asking for something from them can seem a bit intrusive. On the other hand, chances are, your client is grateful for the way you have helped her and would welcome an opportunity to thank you.

Sometimes a client will say nice things about you through email or social media. Reach out to this person and ask for permission to add their comment onto your web site. Be sure to also get their permission to use their name and/or photo as some people would prefer to remain anonymous.

Here’s a template I use after an event or a private session:

Dear [client]. It was such a pleasure to meet with you (or see you again. Or thank you for attending [event name].)  Would you be willing to share your experience by writing a testimonial for my website? This will allow me to improve my services and will also give others a sense of the experience and benefits of [your service].

To make this quick and easy for you, I have included some questions to answer or you may write your own testimonial. It can be as short or as long as you like. Email it to back to me and I will post it.

I went to see [your name] to help me with…

I found the experience ….

The session helped me to ….

One thing I liked was ….

I would recommend [your name] to people who need  ….

 I sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you again.

Once the client responds, be sure to thank her and send her a link to the published testimonial.


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