How to use Reiki in crowded spaces

Ancient ruins, smelly people, murderous desires and Reiki

How to use Reiki in crowded spacesI love old stuff. The older the better. Well, I don’t love having old stuff because you know, old stuff = old energy, which can be quite overwhelming for me. So let me rephrase. I love looking at old stuff. I love seeing how people lived, what they wore, what they ate, what they found interesting to put down on canvas or carve into rock. In other words, I love museums.

I spent this past week in Rome. I stayed in an old building, walked through ancient streets and visited many museums and ruins.

Rome’s museums are absolutely fascinating. I have never seen such old collections on such a grand scale. Usually a museum will have an old statue here and there, but in Rome, there are rooms and rooms and rooms of ancient statues. I even found a bust that looks like my grandfather!

It was incredible… and kind of awful too because as I mentioned, old stuff = old energy. And lots of old stuff = lots of old energy. And what’s worse, old stuff + many people = tons and tons and tons of old energy.

Six million people visit the Vatican Museum each year. That’s six million energetic imprints made at this museum each year. The Vatican Museum has been around for over 500 years. That’s millions of people and centuries of human energetic imprints all in one place. Add to that the energy that each artist had put into his work, multiply by the nine miles of artwork, we end up with a humongous cacophony of energies in one single place.

And I feel each and every bit of that energy.

Imagine walking into a room with millions of radios all quietly playing slightly different tunes. The music is so low that your ears do not register it, yet somewhere deep inside, your body feels the vibrations generated by the noise. You are aware of every little bit of this music, albeit unconsciously. At first, it’s quite easy to tune out and ignore it. But after some time, your body cannot take in any more information, it screams “take me out of here!” Except you can’t hear that either. All you know is that you are tired, stressed and agitated.

Of course I am not the only person in the museum experiencing this “music”.  Pretty much everyone around me is in the same boat – well, museum, going through the same motions to a varying degree. There are also occasional toe crushes, elbow stabs and olfactory sense overloads (think people in desperate need of a shower).

It takes about an hour for my murderous tendencies to awaken. Now all I want to do is strangle someone. Just kidding, I would never strangle anyone… my hand grip is too weak… I can’t even open a water bottle sometimes. But the desire, oh it is so there!

I am pretty sure that no one cleanses the energy of museums. I can’t imagine a priest walking through the Vatican Museum praying and burning frankincense. In fact, throughout my European travels, I have found clean, invigorating energy in just several old places: some churches and interestingly enough, Windsor Castle – where the Queen of England lives. Pantheon in Rome had quite an amazing energy too, the building itself seems to be some kind of a vortex that charges and clears the energy automatically.

Each and every time I visit a museum or castle I suffer. I become tired and irritated. I want to leave! On the other hand, I am oh so curious. I want to explore and learn. And I am stubborn! I refuse to be a victim to my environment! I want to do what I want to do, not what the energy of the place forces me to do. So I use my tools – namely Reiki.

Each time I feel low on energy or that murderous frustration starts to build, I do Reiki. I ask the high vibrational energy to fill my body, clear out old energies and create a protective buffer around me so that I can learn and explore without being overwhelmed by the place.

It works! Each and every time, it freakin’ works! I know, I should not be surprised, I use Reiki every day, I teach it, I live it, yet, each time I user Reiki I think OMG, this stuff is seriously effective. It’s really awesome. Reiki allows me to enjoy my life, enjoy my travels, and learn new fascinating things, regardless of crowds, stuffiness and smells.

What’s even cooler is that I do not need to take a break to do Reiki. I don’t need to excuse myself to the bathroom (public bathrooms – yuk) to meditate or to perform some cleansing ritual. As I walk around the museum, enjoying the amazing feats of human imagination and craft, I silently call upon Reiki to clear, refresh and invigorate my energy so that I can enjoy my day.

And I do end up enjoying my day. I learn about human lives, values and styles through the eons. I marvel at what beauty human minds, hearts and hands can generate. I walk away with a greater thirst for knowledge and unending wonder at what we, humans, have created and will create on this magical land we call Earth.

I am looking forward to my next travels, wherever they take me. And I will bring Reiki with me, always and forever.

May your days be joyous, full of wonder and possibilities. Reiki on, my friends!




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  • Nicole Strychaz

    10/16/201611:20 AM Reply to Nicole

    Me too!!!! I used Reiki constantly this summer as I traveled through Europe. We went to the Dali museum in Cadaques, Spain and I felt suffocated and like I wanted to run out screaming! My head was hurting so bad from the pressure. I used Reiki to surround myself with light and only allow the highest vibrations and was able to enjoy the rest of the tour. It ended up being one of my favorite places so I was very grateful for Reiki! Nicole @dayoffdishes

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