10 Ways to Use Reiki

10 of the Quickest and Easiest Ways to Use Reiki TODAY

10 Ways to Use ReikiThe great thing about Reiki is that you can use it any time, any place, for a minute or for an hour.  Even if you were attuned many years ago but haven’t used Reiki for long time, you can start again now and it will work!  As long as you have taken Reiki 1 and received an attunement, you can try these techniques.

Here are 10 of the quickest and easiest ways to apply your Reiki training to your everyday life:

1. Reiki your food. Once you have prepared a meal, hold the plate and say, “Reiki On: I receive the nutrients my body needs from this meal, for the highest and greatest good of all life and soul, with ease and grace.” This is a great way to enhance the nutrients in your food and encourage your body to absorb them. I recommend students add “for the highest and greatest good of all life and soul, with ease and grace” to their Reiki to ensure the outcome is positive and delivered in the gentlest way possible.

2. Reiki your car. When you get in your car, hold your hands on the steering wheel and think, “Reiki On: I arrive safely at my destination in the appropriate amount of time, for the highest and greatest good…” Even if you forget you can do this when you are at a stoplight.

3. Reiki your energy before you enter a crowded space. “Reiki On: I am a shining ball of light. I only allow the highest vibrations to enter my personal space.” This is especially great for people who are sensitive or empaths.

4. Reiki your kids! I have a client who has children who were having bad dreams. She began using Reiki to help them sleep. Before they go to bed, she puts her hands on their backs and says “Reiki On: (Child’s name) is in a safe, supportive space and sleeps in a loving environment.” Then she puts her hands on their bedroom walls and says, “Reiki On: I claim this space. I only allow the highest vibrations to enter this room, for the highest and greatest good…” She swears they haven’t woken her up once since she started this practice.

5. Reiki your vitamins. If you take supplements, why not amp them up with Reiki?  Hold them in your hand and say, “Reiki On: I receive and absorb the nutrients from these supplements fully and completely, for the highest and greatest good of all life and soul, with ease and grace.”

6. Reiki your workout to get the best results. You can use Reiki to get the most out of your workout and help your body remain safe.  I use it all the time to help me get that “second wind,” or help me lift a weight safely and gracefully.

7. Reiki doctor’s appointments. If you are going to an appointment, you can use Reiki to help get the most information you can from the visit and help calm any fears that you may have associated with the appointment. Say, “Reiki On: I receive the information and treatment my body needs most from this appointment, for the highest and greatest good…” You can do the same if you take your child to an appointment too.

8. Reiki to balance your emotions, especially to stop worrying and making up the “what if” situations. Do you remember the Reiki Principle, “Just for today, I will let go of worry?” Here are some affirmations to help you break out of the worry habit:

“Reiki on: I know there is a solution.”
“Reiki on: I know there will be a perfect time.”
“Reiki on: I know there are resources available.”
“Reiki on: I focus on what I can work with.”

9. Reiki to quiet your mind. Reiki is a great tool when the mind gets the best of us. Take three deep breaths and say to yourself, “Reiki on: I release everything and everyone that is not serving me right now.”

10. Reiki to bring harmony to a meeting. In a volatile meeting? You can put your hands on the table and think, “Reiki On: The energy in this meeting is calm and the outcome is positive for the highest and greatest good…” The same idea even works at the dinner table if the kids are acting up and things are falling apart. You can put your hands on the table and calm the energy.

The options are limitless and I hope you get the most out of your training by using it to enhance your life. Once you are attuned, Reiki is always at your disposal!

If you would like to study Reiki even further, see my upcoming class list and see how you can take your Reiki to the next level.


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